cake or death (er, is it chocolate cake?)

his final album

So, fare ye well mr lee hazlewood, a prolific songwriter/singer/producer, who passed away earlier this week, after a hearty 78 years on earth. he gave the world such wonderfulsome songs thru-out a career that spanned over four decades, back when music was music and you could hum the tune. many people might not recognise his twiggy name, but he will rest easy knowing that nearly everyone nearly everywhere will know at least some of his glorious music. he is perhaps most famously remembered for his 1966 super hit ‘these boots are made for walking’, sung by one nancy sinatra. it’s rumoured that he told the young nancy to sing “like a 16-year old girl who fucks truck drivers”.. oo-er indeed..

er.. he doesn’t look dodgy at all…

from his Guardian obituary: Of his cult status, Hazlewood remarked, “Thank God for kids that love obscure things! I never thought anyone would pay attention to those records, and it’s a good feeling. It makes me feel like I really did get to do what I wanted to do.”

i give you, for eductational porpoises only (of course), a few of his gems:

these boots are made for walking – nancy sinatra

some velvet morning – lee hazlewood & nancy sinatra



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4 responses to “cake or death (er, is it chocolate cake?)

  1. oh no ! shenanigans !

    goodbye lee hazlewood. you were a goody.

  2. it is terrible isn’t it? but on the plus side he had a bloody good innings and scored a few sixes and a couple of fours. and wrote a whole bunch of good music. that’s a life well lived, so i think..
    well done LH old son, well done indeed. i raise a glass to you..

  3. im going to drink a glass of alot tonight.

  4. tres sad, he was a legend and his boots were made for walking.