what no mittlings? oh deer oh deer..

TMC went to air as scheduled today, despite the fact that mittins is in wanaka (or, as i suspect, rehab!). me, i shenanigans, picked up the baton from hobs’ breakfast show and ran and ran and ran, like a frightened deer, into the dark woods of musical mayhem. to celebrate such a noisesome show, i bought a delightful jumper from Trelise Cooper Kids. below is a close up, isn’t it just darling?! don’t tell mittins, but i might give it to her for chrissy if she gives up the sauce once and for all.. anyway, here is the much asked for link to the recording of the show (although it starts halfway in?!), and below is the playlist. it sure is a beauty.

oh deer what can the matter be

sleeve CU

and here’s a bit of the sleeve


  • It’s alright (baby’s coming back) – the eurythmics
  • love changes everything – clime fisher
  • dance music I – hare rama hare krishna OST
  • oncha sa kot – bhangrli
  • someone to love – kalyanji anadji
  • dum maro dum asha bolse & chorus
  • paper planes – M.I.A.
  • you tink you’re fit – the streets feat. Kano etc etc
  • wawaba [radioclit rmx] – buraka som sistema
  • shake the doom [kraddy rmx] – jahcoozi
  • ridin batman [clean] – v.i.c feat. hurricane chris
  • deceptacon [DFA rmx] – le tigra
  • je veux te voir [club club version] – yelle
  • ironie [blende rmx] – seduction
  • why don’t we do it in the road – the beatles
  • word up – scary spice
  • back in your head – tegan & sara
  • sitting on my sofa – the kinks
  • dreaming of you – the coral
  • armegeddon time – the clash
  • marijuana sensi persicution – richie spice feat. buju banton
  • you don’t love me (no no no) – rhianna feat. vybz cartel
  • pon di edge – busy signal
  • buss it up – kano feat. vybz cartel
  • true skool [sway mix] – coldcut feat. roots manuva
  • temper temper – rodney p
  • i against i – massive attack & mos def
  • forget about dre [kraddy RMX] – ol’ doc dre
  • kildigger kitty – copyfokking

goody goody gumdrops

tow truck mo fo




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5 responses to “what no mittlings? oh deer oh deer..

  1. I thought you did a rate good show on you own Shenanzy. If you ever get lonely this week, give me a yell and I’ll keep you company. Jaffa Cakes optional

  2. it must have been just horrible without mittons. horrible in bold.

  3. thanks for that benjii old cork! i had a great old time, but like mittins sasy, it was horrible (but then i realised i could say all sorts of inappropriate stuff, but i will admit, it wasn’t half as much fun without mittsies there to roll her eyes in disgust! bah..). i will defo give you a shout then, when i’m up there on my own again. i like the idea of a crossover show.. go fleet!
    as for you mitts: thanks for calling! it made it much easier to deal with the lack of the you in the studio.. i hope you’re having a splendid old time in the mountains, pal.. (ps. if you see any goats, can you get one for me please? that would be ace! – i heart goats)

  4. im going shopping for you today shenanigans.

  5. romi41

    That is a glorious long-sleeved shirt (sorry, I’m not accustomed to saying “jumper”, it isn’t the Canadian way..)…they don’t have that Cooper Kids store in Can-land..can I order it online?

    Best shirt ever.

    PS: I’ve tried to listen-in on your glorious show a couple times, but the links haven’t worked so far; I’ll try this latest one soon (when I’m not at work of course, as I would not be able to appreciate it in the midst of all this Advertising ka-ka 😉 )