Spiceworld Part 9

Everybady from Richard Nixon to Jenna Von Oy is on the edge of their seats wanting to find out what will happen in the shocking conclusion to The Magic Cauldrons cinema showcase Spiceworld. What will be the ending? Will there be crying or kissing?

Will everything be alright?

So far the story has been full of revelations. In the last chapter Posh Spice even did something ! She drove a bus all over the city. It was kind of sexy to see her doing something useful. What I would give to see her cooking, or folding some laundry. I think about it before I go to bed at night. Or sometimes, during the day, if I am not busy.

I will not give away what will happan in this final installemetent. Settle down, get yourself comfoartable, find a loved one, and close your eyes tightly.


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  1. romi41

    You know when you’re at the stunning conclusion of a movie, and your heart skips 5 beats, and your eyes start to water with joy? That’s how I felt when all those fireworks went off on stage, and I caught the first glimpse of those cone-things on Scary’s head, emerging from the shadows…so much joy 🙂

    I will cherish the memories of part 9 forever.

    Thanks Mittins,