Spiceworld Part 7

As we reach Part 7, the cinema of Spiceworld is almost ready to finish.

It is time for The Spice Girls to remember where they came from. After the big fight in Part 6, the girls go to do things representative of their personality, and reminisce. For axample, Sporty Spice plays with a soccer ball, Posh grooms herself, and Geri cries watching an old classic film, because she is worldly, passionate, and interested in the arts.

All of Spice Girls are sad, and think back to when they were broke and high, pissing about with old men. It is true that they were naive, slutty, on their way out, and poorly in clothing, but things were so much simpler then. They had optimism and spontaneity and plenty of friendship-time. They had yet to discover the burdens that would come with success. The toll it would take on doing fun things whenever they wanted. I bet you would have never thought this but it is not always fun to be a Spice Girl. Spiceworld teaches us that. Sometimes it is hard.

In this flashback, Scary reminds us all why she was in The Spice Girls. She did all the good bits in their first song ‘Wannabe’. Everybody was brainwashed into thinking she was the leader of Spice Girls. The truth is Scary hasn’t really contributed that much.

She has never been my best Spice Girl.



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5 responses to “Spiceworld Part 7

  1. Are the spice girls really reuniting? I need to know so I can book my VIP tickets. Please let me know if you have any info.

  2. you know my dear, this is precisely the reason why i avoided success at all costs when i was a much younger lady. i saw first hand what it did to my contemporaries. i didn’t want to lose all my friendship times or forget to dye my hair roots and that sort of thing.
    of course things are different now, but not all.. we were slutty too, you know, but we just didn’t dress like we were. of course pissing about with old men has always been in vogue. infact probably more so when there was the war on, and you wanted extra dried egg rations.

  3. Pip

    I loved the part when Scary thre the fish and chips up in the air. I’d like to do that someday. So I’d have to buy two orders; one to throw up in the air and one to share with TMC.

  4. abarclay12, the spice girls will only reunite for a limited time. the reason for this is because some are old and tired and hate each other. go to the website to see if they will be playing in your city.

  5. ha ha ha i had to watch back to find the fish and chip throw. if we throw our fish and chips up in the air one day, let’s make sure its safe and tidy up after.