Spiceworld Part 6

Things really start to HEAT UP in part 6 of Spiceworld, brought to you by The Magic Cauldron, and also someone who posted it on YouTube.

In Part 6, The Spice Girls save drowning children. Sporty gets all butch with it. Thats just her. Who else was going to dive in to that icy cold water – Baby? Bitch please.

Then the Spice Girls have a big fight with their manager. Posh uses her best acting technique, pointing while speaking. Throughout the movie take a drink each time you see Posh point her finger. Seeing Posh like this is bringing back old memories. Where did it all go so horribly wrong. Posh was once the best kept secret of the Spice Girls. How I wish she would eat some pies.


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  1. I had forgotten about that amazing finger pointing scene with Posh.