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cakes makes mates

jaffa cakes

it was a lovely day for a radio. mittins was early. i, your very own shenanigans, was not. far from it. but i think i made good with some delicious McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes (thanks jarrod!). look at them pictured above! aren’t they just something? such is the way of things in this tipsy turvy world of ours. well, despite all this upset, TMC unzipped up it’s audio flies and unleashed a veritable torrent, a steaming stream of GoodTune on the loyal fleetocracy.. many was the listener who dropped an early morn coffee in shock at the sheer rudeness of the Cauldron.. we just don’t care how rugged our sound is. that is how we roll, baby.. et voila: here is the audio link and below is the playlist. pour vous. poor you.

jaffa cake diagnostics

  • street rap – mareko feat. inspectah deck
  • somebody come and play – sesame street
  • ocean – sebadoh
  • my friends – motocade
  • rapper’s delight rodney p, kano, simone, youngun, sway J2k, swiss etc
  • in the ghetto – dolly parton
  • don’t make me over – lyn collins
  • you got me – the roots
  • ever after – bob james
  • nautilus – bob james
  • eleanor rigby – el chicano
  • supahero – aceylone
  • the motor booty affair – parliament
  • lost in your eyes – debbie gibson
  • fighting the nation – kano
  • i can’t seem to make you mine – the clientele
  • trapped in the closet – r kelly

If cats were born in an oven, would they be biscuits?anon

mr shenanigans

TMC UPDATE: the rappers delight D-Load link has been fixed up sharpish (it was really rubbish), and to show that i love you, i’ve added another ch ch choice choone:

the sun one – sun ra



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Spiceworld Part 6

Things really start to HEAT UP in part 6 of Spiceworld, brought to you by The Magic Cauldron, and also someone who posted it on YouTube.

In Part 6, The Spice Girls save drowning children. Sporty gets all butch with it. Thats just her. Who else was going to dive in to that icy cold water – Baby? Bitch please.

Then the Spice Girls have a big fight with their manager. Posh uses her best acting technique, pointing while speaking. Throughout the movie take a drink each time you see Posh point her finger. Seeing Posh like this is bringing back old memories. Where did it all go so horribly wrong. Posh was once the best kept secret of the Spice Girls. How I wish she would eat some pies.

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The Clientele !


The Clientele are playing New Zealand tonight and tomorrow. I probababaly won’t be able to go see them. Motar says I am not allowed, I just know it.

30 July 2007 – Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland

31 July 2007 – San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington


Tickets for both shows are $25 and available from Real Groovy (Auckland) and Slow Boat Records (Wellington). Support is from Robert Scott (The Clean/The Bats).

The Clientele

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Spiceworld Part 5

A few notes on part 5 of The Magic Cauldrons cinema showcase Spiceworld.

1. I would like to see a Greys Anatomy spin-off involving the five girls interning at a busy hospital.

2. In the scene where all the girls get into bed with each other, Posh nearly kisses Baby and Sporty looks mad jealous. Its a hot hot hot scene.

3. When I can’t sleep because of nightmares, I wish I had a special friend to talk to.

4. If you look closely towards the end of the clip you can see Posh smile. It is so endearing.

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