That Ho Was Me !

pause on that shit

It’s finally happening ! R Kelly is making ten more chapters of Trapped in the Closet !

2 years after chapter twelves shocking revelation “that ho was me !”

click here to see the prooof!

i think a tear just fell up out my eye !



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9 responses to “That Ho Was Me !

  1. Pip

    mitties, how does this happen DAYS, days from us chatting, saying we wished \R. Kellz would come up with more chapters to this tale…just amazing.

  2. i know ! it must be christmas time !

    bless you r kelly !

  3. Pip

    …even tho he has STD’s and halitosis

  4. I am loving this bigtime. RKelly wanted to date my little sister when she was like 16, but we all thought she was too old for him. She shouldn’t have listened to us. He would be my brother in law now and that would be amazing.

  5. Pip

    abarclay12, you’re sister too?? He likes em young and big boobied eh.

  6. er.. you are talking about R Kelly there, right Pip?

  7. not everything is about you shenanigans. inappropriate.

  8. i was just making sure she wasn’t off topic, honest! good gravey, mittins..

  9. Pip

    Yes, R. Kellz has STD’s and halitosis. And aBarkley’s sis isnt the only one getting hit on at young age. R. Kellz picked up on my mate and his crew took us out drinking but he was into my big-boobied mate. Sheehs.

    Is that good enogh explanantion, shenansifgans?