Tegan & Sara R return!

if i was in the band it would be called tegan & sara & mittins

If you ever had a band come to your town to perform, but you didn’t go because you didn’t really know that much about them , even though you had free tickets, and didnt really have plans that month, only to find out just after they leave the country that they are one of the raddest bands ever, and put on great live shows also, and also will probably never return to your town, you will know the pain and heartache of Mittins.

But Tegan & Sara have a new album out at least. And maybe they will return, one day !

You can listen to three of their new songs from the soon to be released album ‘The Con’ at their myspace pageant !

PLUS ! The first music video from The Con is below.

‘Back in Your Head’ is directed by Jamie Travis.

The Con will be released in New Zealand on the 23rd of July. Oh shit that was like a few days ago :O Ha ha I gots to gets me to a music shop !

Your frieand and mine,



we’ve had loads of youse searching for T & S, so here are some choice cuts from The Con

-Back in Your Head Tegan & Sara

-The Con Tegan & Sara

-Dark Come Soon Tegan & Sara



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2 responses to “Tegan & Sara R return!

  1. i hope everybady still goes and buys the album even though shenanigans puts some songs up.

  2. listen to your mittins people, she is on it like gromit.
    these songs are for RESEARCH purposes only and will only be available for a few weeks. they are posted to entice you to pur-chase the album!
    these girls have worked long and hard on this long player for your enterjoyment and are saving up for surnames, so get your pennies out and stump up if you like what you hear.