Spiceworld Part 4

Ha ha ha ha I just watched Part 4 of Spiceworld. You gots to watch this installment of our cinema showcase. The first part of this chapter is dumb but then the Spice Girls go to the woods and meet aliens ! I like to imagine this scene came about during a creative meeting with Ginger and Scary.



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2 responses to “Spiceworld Part 4

  1. Sporty was always the main talent. AND she did a duet with the dead one from TLC (before she died), Scary and Ginger will never get to do that, but still, Girl Power to them. I loved Baby’s legs when she got all skinny and showed them in that video of her only single. Posh is very good at pouting, that’s all I can give her.

  2. romi41

    Hahaha…I was falling so behind on the Spice Girls videos, but I just caught up on parts 2-4:

    -I love when it started thundering and literally raining IN the office when that newspaper editor turned all evil
    -I love how Mel. B was all pissed off that her pregnant Asian friend got ditched by the father, when Eddie Murphy ended up doing the same thing to her..LOL
    -I love how Geri Spice knew that the Manta Ray or whatever is the biggest fish in the world; it’s really believable that she would be smart like that
    -I love how Geri Spice was so good at chess; it’s really believable that she would be smart like that
    -I love how Scary Spice wouldn’t fucking stop roaring like a lion
    -I love how Norm from Cheers (George Wendt) was in the movie as a film producer; what the frick was he doing in Spice World?
    -I love how aliens came all the way to planet earth, and ALL they wanted was to meet the Spice Girls and get their autograph; that’s very realistic, and not the least bit arrogant on the Spice Girls’ part, to think that a whole other race of beings would be obsessed with them….

    Overall, thanks for the clips Mittins! They lit up my life, and now I can say I’ve lived a little 🙂