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That Ho Was Me !

pause on that shit

It’s finally happening ! R Kelly is making ten more chapters of Trapped in the Closet !

2 years after chapter twelves shocking revelation “that ho was me !”

click here to see the prooof!

i think a tear just fell up out my eye !



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no shame in my game

killer radio show last night people! you had to be there i guess, or maybe not, cos you can listen up in here..

the bogs

check the track listing for a rundown of the awsomeness that was going on up at fleet, 7 till 9pm last night!

  • maryjuhana – richie spice
  • burnin’ & lootin’ – bob marley & the roots
  • people don’t know – roll deep
  • bills bills bills – d. child y’all
  • shenanigans – timbaland
  • don’t say nothin’ (valiant remix) – the roots
  • reload it – kano
  • impact – materia
    when the sun goes down (dilinger rmx) -adam f & DJ fresh
  • liberation conversation – marlena shaw
  • grandma’s hands – bill withers
  • come here my dear feat. MED – Dudley Perkins
  • after the laughter comes tears – wendy rene
  • fire – leathal bizzle
  • lucky star – madds
  • contact high – ike & tina turner
  • graffitti – maximo park
  • respect – otis redding
  • crazy in love – the magic numbers
  • triumph of the heart – bjork
  • jackson freestyle – scram jones
  • one thing – amerie
  • the set up – obie trice
  • juice – erik b & rakim
  • funky cold medina (shakey face retwerk) – tone loc
  • sukiyaki – 4am
  • out of space – the prodigy

just a brief one today, suckers.. this man gotta work! (but check our newest page EM PEE FREES for some sweet as choice downloads y’all)

sad old ted



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Spiceworld Part 4

Ha ha ha ha I just watched Part 4 of Spiceworld. You gots to watch this installment of our cinema showcase. The first part of this chapter is dumb but then the Spice Girls go to the woods and meet aliens ! I like to imagine this scene came about during a creative meeting with Ginger and Scary.


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Tegan & Sara R return!

if i was in the band it would be called tegan & sara & mittins

If you ever had a band come to your town to perform, but you didn’t go because you didn’t really know that much about them , even though you had free tickets, and didnt really have plans that month, only to find out just after they leave the country that they are one of the raddest bands ever, and put on great live shows also, and also will probably never return to your town, you will know the pain and heartache of Mittins.

But Tegan & Sara have a new album out at least. And maybe they will return, one day !

You can listen to three of their new songs from the soon to be released album ‘The Con’ at their myspace pageant !

PLUS ! The first music video from The Con is below.

‘Back in Your Head’ is directed by Jamie Travis.

The Con will be released in New Zealand on the 23rd of July. Oh shit that was like a few days ago :O Ha ha I gots to gets me to a music shop !

Your frieand and mine,



we’ve had loads of youse searching for T & S, so here are some choice cuts from The Con

-Back in Your Head Tegan & Sara

-The Con Tegan & Sara

-Dark Come Soon Tegan & Sara


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