Eagle vs Shark.. (spoiler: the eagle wins)

eagle vs shark tix

Long suffering readers of TMC may well remember how excited your man with a plan, god damn that shenan, was at the Sbegining of this very month, when it was announced that Taika Waititi’s debut feature, Eagle vs Shark, was to screen as part of the NZ International Film Festival. (if you don’t believe me, click here, clicky)

well, last night was The Night. to prepare i had a delicious meal of chicken pancreas and onion pastry, so i wouldn’t need to be distracted with the need to munch olives & feta cheese thru out the filum. i wanted all my faculties intact. but i was anxious. i found it hard to sit still and my hands were all sweaty (OK, more sweaty..). i didn’t know what to expect, or even if i’d get a kiss at the end. it was like a first date. i’d bought my tickets weeks before, to ensure i had a Best Seat (next to a lady!) and by leaving my home early enough i made sure i was there on time to feel the electric hum of excitement from the patrons in the foyer.

The film was showing at the Civic theatre on Queen Street. to people who have not been here, i will describe briefly what a wonderful cinema it is! it has flamingos and peach stucco walls and stars on the ceiling. and clouds.. oh, it is such a lovely venue..

the loverly civvy WS

i’m not going to bleat on about how great this movie is (even though it is), nor am i going to break it down scene by scene. if you want a synopsis, IMDB it, fool.. suffice it to say that i was thrilled, amused, saddened and thoroughly delighted by the moving images presented. i think the fact that the director introduced the movie, like an old chum, and was there for some Q&A action after helped people to ease into appreciating this gem for the slice of heartwarming and hilarious genius that it is.

if you love what we do up here at TMC, chances are that you will enjoy this future classic.. support the NZ film industry and watch this at the movies when it comes out, you won’t be dissapointed. promise!

hei konei ra



UPDATE: we’ve had a bunch of hits from people looking for ‘eagle vs shark‘ quotes, so i’ve racked my brain and have dredged up a few classic lines from the filum! just a teaser, now…

  • Lily to Jarrod’s dad: “life is full of hard bits, but inbetween the hard bits there are lots of lovely bits. Jarrod is one of those lovely bits”
  • Jarrod to his sister: Bitch!
    Nancy: Cockhole!
    Jarrod: Bitch!
    Nancy: Cockhole!
    Jarrod: Don’t call me cockhole, bitch! (jarrod walks off)



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6 responses to “Eagle vs Shark.. (spoiler: the eagle wins)

  1. oh shenanigans how do i feel about this.

    i wiss i wiss i wiss i had gone.

    howavar, it is a bralliant review. and it is good you went. well done old sausage.

  2. kapai review … my fave line was : IMDB it, fool..

    totally stolen, but still a fave.

    i want to see this movie terribly badly, particularly cos there is apparently a hot girl in it just like me. IMDB says so.

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  4. morgan

    I absolutely loved this movie! My friend and I went on a whim because it was showing at our university’s theatre and we both fell in love with the quirky humor. like: “do you wanna have sex?” “mmm…yep?”

    Flight of the Conchords is something a fan of this movie should check out…I promise, after you listen to “Business Time” you will be very glad that you did πŸ™‚