Bees !

on saturday, Mittons from TMC was invited as an exclxusive news repoerter to witness the making of the hungry eyes first music video. here is her report :

hallo, i am Mittins. on saturday i went to The Hungry Eyes music video shoot. i was invited.

the music video is for their song BEES. you can go to their myspace page to download the track. the shoot was a day long and there was a green screen. i got to hear the band play instruments loudly and eat some potato chips they had left out.

bees the video

this is a top secret photo of the shoot.

i am not allowed to give much away about the video but there will be live bees in it. And according to the mastermind of the music video it will be ready soon.

beeehind you !

“This new video from acclaimed band The Hungry Eyes will propel them to the very pinnacle of the international music scene”

– The Hungry Eyes


This has been Mittons with an ecxlusive report. Good day.




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3 responses to “Bees !

  1. ha ha ha update i just saw a preview of the bees video it is going to blow your mindddddddddddd

  2. Jarrod!

    yum. I love chips

  3. buddy man

    Oh!buddy man!