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The Spice Olds Are Coming !

YO a while ago The Spice Girls revealed they is having reunion tour.

This was greatest news for Mitton.

The Spice Girls debut album SPICE is all that I listened to in the first few months of ’98. Fresh out of graduatron but no employ, i had to make a difficult decison to buy The Spice Girls album and listen to it frequently.

The descison paid off big time.

Now several years later, I am great success.


my internet presence

The response to the Spice Girls reunion tour has been as big as a large bottom. According to one place on my computer, 2 million fans demanded tickets to see Baby, Ashley, Mary-Kate, Old One, and Whore-Face, perform for the last time ever. Will it really be the last time ever? I hope not. The money will run out !

As a consequence of this giant demand The Spice Girls are rumored to be adding more shows to their tour. Except, there is a problem : some of them have babies.


Whether or not the babies will live, The Spice Girls have announced they will add one more city to their tour.

This as yet unknown city will be named SPICE CITY.

One of them says this loudly :

“We’ve had loads of messages from people all over the world asking why we weren’t performing in their country. It’s impossible for us to perform everywhere, but we thought why not let our fans decide where we play? This is your chance to turn your city in to SPICE CITY! All you need to do is tell us where you want to see us!”

If you go to their website here you can vote for your city. The city with the most votes will be added to the tour.

For more information, go somewhere else.

I already voted. I hope my city wins. If they come to my city, I will be meeting them. There is no maybe about it. My best one to meet is Ginger. I have a poem I want to read to her. I didn’t write it myself, I found it on the internet, during the rumours of Geris tragic death, which surfaced shortly after she left the group.

after ginger spice left, the others were left sad and naked.

It was late 98, and I was in the grips of spice fever. I printed out the poem and put it on my wall. It was Princess Diana all over again.


I turn my tired face
And I look at you
And I get some energy
You flow your power to me

Oh lovely Geri
Your name is so beatiful word
Lovely Geri
Gates are open
Oh lovely Geri
You are sun

I drop anchor in to water
Which wait
when plug come off from my boat
Sea is calm, storm is coming
I can hear her call in wind
I can see her face in the sky

Oh lovely Geri
Your name is so beatiful word
Lovely Geri
Gates are open
Oh lovely Geri
You are sun


I think Ginger and me would be friends. She taught me a lot about life already, anyway.

Even if we are never friends.

Even if we never meet.


It is not 1998 anymore, but I still wish Spice Girls will get back together. Everything was so great before. Posh was fatter. And there was Spiceworld. It should be noted that the first dvd i played on my first ever dvd player was Spiceworld. Why? It is a classic film. And I love that classic shit.

You can watch part 1 of Spiceworld below. Tomorrow I will post part 2. Start watching it now. The Film Festival is almost over anyway.

Note : I threw the dvd player out of a window and it broke.





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