9 to 5 REEEMIIIX !

what a way to make a living.

Y-E-S !

‘9 to 5’, the hollarious 1980 movie about three secretaries who join forces to boosh their cabbage ass boss, is being made into a Broadway Musical !

The BUZZ is high. The Magic Cauldrons Number One Lady* Dolly Parton, has personally penned the score !

The new numbers are “signature Dolly songs that also work as musical theater songs,” one insider says. Boosh !

Everybody knows Dolly Parton is the bomb like napalm. The lady is all class. Infact I’m glad Madonna didn’t include her in her Vogue rap. I’m glad she didn’t sing with KLF. Those cats burn their money. Dolly doesn’t disrespect, so don’t disrespect her ! Dolly features in many of my dreams. In one of them I stole her diary and read about how much she liked me. I shouldn’t have disrespected, but those that leave their diary out are fishing for a dishing.

warhol does dolly


Dolly isn’t going to actually be in the musical. If you want that, rent the movie. It’s still good viewing. Dolly is hot hot hot. ‘9 to 5’ was Dollys first film. According to IMDB.com, in preparation for her role as Doralee Rhodes, she not only committed to memory her own part, but the parts of every other actor in the film.

holy smokes what a lady.

The three actresses to perform in the musical are Allison Janney, Megan Hilty and Stephanie J. Block. The only name I recognise is Allison Janney. I never watched West Wing though. Too much acting.


Have they made Tootsie into a Broadway Musical yet? And if not, why not !

nobodys perfect

Oh and they should also take Trapped in the Closet on tour.

what up kells.

(What up Kells?)

Regardless of either of these suggestions becoming a reality, the most glorious 9 to 5 has had incredible feedback in it’s early stages and is expected to open on Broadway in the 2008-2009 season.


The last time I heard from Dolly was by way of an article discussing her fantasies about sleeping with other women.

Dolly was quoted as saying “When I have sex with my husband these days, I fantasize I am with someone like Keith Urban or a petite, hot young woman.”

Dolly !

That is inappropriate. S-E-X ? Dolly. Keith Urban is yuck. Yo, do you think Dolly and Ellen DeGeneres will hook up? I kinda do.

Dolly also revealed her first ever crush was on a Tennessee hooker. She said “I thought she was beautiful. She had more hair, more color, more everything.”

The problem with this quote is I can’t imagine anyone with more everything than Dolly.

Mitties x

*tie with Nina Simone.



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9 responses to “9 to 5 REEEMIIIX !

  1. romi41

    Hahaha, WOW, I haven’t thought about Dolly in a while, as she doesn’t really do much these days…the last time I remember seeing her was in Miss Congeniality 2 starring Sandra Bullock (why oh God why did I watch that?); Dolly was playing herself, and Sandra’s character thought she was an imposter, so she jumped her and tried to rip her hair out…it was a pretty hot scene…yes…Dolly.

  2. Pip

    I’ve driven by Dollywood. My parents wouldn’t stop to let me go in 😦

    My fav Dolly quote which is used at work quite often:
    “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap”

  3. I heart Dolly! And tres valid point, why isn’t Tootsie already a hit on Broadway?

  4. You didn’t happen to pen your name into her diary did you? Perhaps with a map to your bedroom?

  5. i have a question:
    why does this cabbage assed boss have three secretaries? i haven’t even got one! where’s the justice, mittins, where?

  6. miss prozac that is inappropriate !

    i only want a cuddle from dolly. and also she should write a song about me. and bake me a nice cake. and also maybe it would be nice to go and stay at her house for a little while. i could sleep in a little spare room and listen to her singing as she walks up and down the hallway.

  7. romi41

    I think you should get Dolly to do your make-up as well; like blue eye-shadow? 20 layers of color-stay lipstick? she’d just love playing stylist, and you’d come out looking smashing; a win-win right? 🙂

  8. maybe she would like to enter me in a pageant.

  9. romi41

    Oh my goodness, she could be your inspirational pageant queen coach; and obviously your talent could be country-singing…wow mittins, I believe you might just be the next Miss Universe..good luck! 🙂