Improv Night at Fleet


Tonight Mittins & Jarrod took to Fleet FM with nothing but a can-do spirit and some salt & vinegar potato chips.


It was a little bit weird sometimes !


Behold our playlist, with a very few links to websites that have the mp3s ! Thanks to those websites. Word up.

For Your Precious Love – Jerry Butler

Run – Ghostface Killah

Indian Thick Jawns – Diplo

Magic Number – De La Soul

Word Up – A. Willis

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk

Who’s That Lady – The Isley Brothers

Magik (Simian Mobile Disco remix) – The Klaxons

No Surprises – Northern State

That Can Be Arranged – Tom Vek

B-Boy Document – The High & Mighty feat. Mos Def and Mad Skillz

Public Service Announcement – Jay-Z

I Am The Greatest – Cassius Clay

Buddy – Musiq Soulchild feat. Lupe Fiasco

White Boy (boys at our best remix) – Pig Out

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – ODB & Macy Gray

I Gotta Get Into You – The New Young Pony Club

Memory Lane – Minnie Riperton

Hot In Herre – Tiga

Handle With Care – Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins

Even The Smells – Evil 9

You Can Do It – Richard Simmons


Remember ! The Fleet Rave is tomorrow night ! Bring your bums to the party !



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12 responses to “Improv Night at Fleet

  1. Pip

    thx for my tunes. another great set.

  2. Its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.

  3. Jarrod!

    It was fun and weird and salty and vinegarry…

    Is the show on t’internet anywhere?

  4. i think i did record it ! ha ha i will have a look in my internet cupboard. word jarrod, word.

  5. hello.. hello? is this thing on??
    hello the magic cauldron. i normally enjoy you show on the wireless very muchly, and although i enjoyed your broadcast last night, i must admit that there was something rather fundamental missing.
    why oh why oh why was that lovely young man shenanigans not with you? he is my favorite, and is always such a big hit with us ladies at the bridge club. he seems like such a nice young chap, and we would not be greatly surprised if he combs his hair every day.
    your dear friend

    p.s. young miss mittins: you could learn a great deal from him.

  6. old ma fingleberry ! the raisin why shenanigans was not with us is because he sent himself on a secret undercover mission to pretend to be old ladies and post on websites.

  7. oh young mittins, how very lovely of you to respond to me personally.. i suppose it must be quite untrue that you young people are too busy with your malls and lattes and new fangled roller-skates and such like to talk to us older folk.
    so, your delightful friend shenanigans is on a secret mission? although it seems a slightly dubious pretense.. are you sure, maybe that is a ruse to distract you from the real mission? but how lovely, what with it being so lovely and sunny today. that reminds me of the time i spent as an au-pair in luxemburg. during the war, you know. many was the time i had to pretend to be an old lady to gather sensitive information from the germans.
    my dear cat iggy is now meowing, so no doubt wants some food, the little blighter. i’d better get on. but do pass my regards onto your charming friend.

  8. Jarrod!

    Wher is recoeding?
    Rave was very Rave-ish!

  9. it is up your bottom !

  10. Jarrod!

    I cannot find it!

  11. Jarrod!

    that’s better