Bloomin’ Marvelous

Hurrah for flowers! They surely must be the loveliest groupings of atoms and stuff we have knocking around this fertile planet of ours.. and i find orchids are particularly enchanting examples as they sure can be frisky little beggers; for example, some of them go to all sorts of lengths to get butterflys to do filthy business with long, luscious tongues, all over their sticky bits & pieces. disgusting, but you really can’t blame them. butterflys are h.o.t. hot baby!

filthy filthy flower

This weekend sees the annual New Zealand Orchid Society competition and the subsequent public show, held at the Mount Albert War Memorial Hall, on New North Road, Aukland (20th -22nd July). Mike Leaghty from Tucker’s Orchid Nursery informed me earlier today that visitors can see a whole bunch (!) of collectors, competitors, enthusiasts and their respective plants, rosettes and various hangers on (that’s an orchid gag too, some live in trees..)..

orchid show, this weekend

Also, budding aficionados can purchase some of the deliciously devilish plants, talk to the experts and maybe even join one of the many clubs that will be represented (some from as far away as Whangerei). It will be a great way to spend a few hours over the weekend, meeting new friends and discovering the various joys of the flirty old orchid.. (e.g. your vanilla flavour comes from the seed pods of a certain variety of orchid.. and and and, the name ‘orchid’ actually originates from the greek word for testicle – see, told you they were saucy wee thangs)

tree orchid

untill then, then, i’m going to leave you with a charming except from one of my fave books (Jitterbug Perfume), penned by one Tom Robbins.

“ wit: it is better to be small, colourful, sexy, careless and peaceful, like the flowers, than large, conservative, repressed, fearful and aggressive, like the thunder lizards; a lesson, by the way, that the Earth has yet to learn.”


butterfly and orchid, getting it on

shenaniganagans uberalis




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18 responses to “Bloomin’ Marvelous

  1. You do know orchids are both a metaphor and a(n) euphemism don’t you ?

  2. i don’t want to ask, but i can’t seem to help myself..
    pray tell, what are orchids a euphamism/metaphor phor?

    p.s. why aren’t i surprised by this comment? answers on a postcard, please..

  3. and i bet you don’t even know you do it most of the time do you? bless you. for you are a dinosaur, pip, amadas. a club footed dino for sure.

  4. Pip

    Is Lita blabbing to you about the size shoes I wear?

  5. Pip

    Shenanigans, you are officially on my D list.

  6. that’s good, right?

  7. Pip doesn’t have feet. No feet = no shoes. She kills orchids with her breath.

  8. romi41

    I didn’t see where I could respond to the Tina Yothers Book Club Pick, so I thought I’d do it here: I just wanted to say that even though I’m not a young girl anymore, I still have moral dilemmas, and I’d STILL like to find myself some responsible exercising solutions…I think I shall buy this book; I hope it’s still in print…

  9. it is very hard to find being your best: tina yothers guide for girls. if you do find one, please report to me. immediately.

  10. why isn’t there a book about being your best, but for boys? do you think i should write it?

  11. Jarrod!

    I will write it! I am respenesobll

  12. please teach shenanigans how to be proper.

  13. madamoiselle mittins! i am sure i do not know to what you refer. for i am nothing if not respectable and proper, for all occasions and circumstances. once i even opened a door for a lady. and i didn’t even pinch her bottom as she passed!

  14. romi41

    Yes but was the lady’s bottom even pinch-able? Or was it far past its prime? THAT is the question…