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The Three Amigos on TMC

the three of us

Today on The Magic Cauldron Mittins & Shenanigans were joined by special guest Jarrod. We played some songs and Pip from Bits on The Side called in which was rad. Then Shenanigans had to leave, but Mittins & Jarrod played for another two hours. Then Mittins bought Jarrod some Golden Pash and it was yummy. Oh and Louise texted in heaps ! How lovely.

Here is what we played below.

Invasion Of the Estate Agents – Beats International

Too Old To Die – Trouble Makers

Bus Stop –

Funky Hilife – C.K. Mann & Carousel 7

Didn’t I Do It To You – Skull Snaps

Serve This Royalty – Cody Chesnutt

Ruby Tuesday – Melanie

Yr Mangled Heart – The Gossip

The Gambia – Philip Glass & Foday Musa Suso

Apache – Sugarhill Gang

Apache – The Shadows

Black Eyed Boy – Renegade Soundwave

Rhythm Nation – Janet Jackson

Take My Time – Junior Senior

D.W.Y.C.K – Gangstarr

If I Ruled the World – Nas

Tonight’s the Night – Redman

Gangster Chronicle – London Posse

Walking Through the Darkness – Tekitha

Junkie’s Bad Trip – London Funk All-Stars

Solitude – Bille Holiday

You Two – Chuck Berry

I’m Not Playing – Ultimate Force

Don’t Be Late – Ermehn

Yes Yes Yes – Bill Cosby

Mans World – Guilty Simpson

Come Clean – Jeru Tha Damaja

Retreat (phones mix) – The Rakes

Panic At the Disco/Party Like A Rockstar Mash-Up – T-Bones

D.a.n.c.e. – Justice

The Seed (2.0) – The Roots

Freedom of Speech – Above the Law

Criminal Minded – KRS-One

My People.. Hold On – Eddie Kendricks

Wesperados – Monster Ganjah & Ganxsta Ridd

N*****s vs Police – Richard Pryor

Straight To the Point – Jay Roacher

Victim of the Crime – Phoenix

The Three Amigos ! – from ‘The Three Amigos!’

Stuntman – Kasabian

If you fancy, you can listen to the show here and here and not here


one million dollars

After holding down Thursday nights on Fleet for years and years, Richie, who is rad, has given up the slot and passed it to Mitties. Filling in for Richie when he was away playing with his band One Million Dollars is how Mitton started at Fleet! It is sad Richie is moving on.

But ! Richie is welcome to come and take over on Thursdays whenever the hell he likes !

Find out more about the Thursday show here

Thanks Richie !



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Dr Quinn and Sully = Marrage

This is what happens when you go to You Tube and type in dr quinn music video.

I would like to point out the rad video effects and transitions. Not one has been left behind in the edit suite !

I may start a new category for this blog called Dr Quinn. I want to find out what happened to little Brian, the youngest one with all the teeth.

p.s. who is the man with the eye patch?


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Wu-Tang Clan !

wu tang minus odb

Where would we be without Wu-Tang. How different would hip-hop be? I aint like to think about it.

Urb Magazine counts down their favourite Wu Tang music videos here. I wish they had found ‘All That I Got Is You’ because I never seen it.

Check out their #3 below, Daytona 500.

For the sake of a proper Wu Tang video, I give you ‘Can It Be All So Simple’, which URB ranked #11.

Winter puts me in the mood for listening to Wu Tang at night while I drive around the streets in the rain. Kind of like the opening sequence of Ghost Dog, but I’m actually just going to the video store to see if Golden Girls is available for rent.

If you ever come across the film ‘Ghost Dog’ (by Jim Jarmusch) or its soundtrack (by RZA) buy steal beg borrow download !

ghost dog

Back to 2007. 

The new Wu Tang album 8 Diagrams is coming out soon. Maybe October. If RZA handed over some of the production as the article says, then rats ! It better be only some. RZA talks a little about the future of Wu Tang here.


The good news is the album will contain some previously recorded tracks from Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

When the album drops, or as Shenanigans likes to say, is released, you can rest assured The Magic Cauldron will be having a Wu-Tang two hour special on their radio show. Mittins may even bust out a freestyle to celebrate. It will probably be a pre-written though, and probably about Dr Quinn Medicine Woman.

Finally, here is a little clip I found on the You Tube. Ha ha ha at the end.

Signging off for The Magic Cauldon,



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