The Booya Tribe Golf Club


Over the past couple weeks I have been searchizing the website for some commentary on Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E., one of the early innovators of West Coast hip-hop. These Samoan brothers have been making music since the late eighties so I assumed there would be plenty information and lots of words and pictures for me to look at!

ridd goddfather

murder one gawtti


They internet presence is very quiet which is a shame. These guys should be in the hip-hop hall of fame. They are rulz.

But to make matters worse, the Booya Tribe Golf Club had to get all up in the web. What ? ? Pictures below.


thug life


boo ha hat

gold gang


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



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3 responses to “The Booya Tribe Golf Club

  1. Thats my Dad’s Golf Club, booya. The men in the orange hats are the craziest.

  2. the one that lies horizontally in the group photo is like the one everybody else secretly hates.

  3. Ha ha! This is hilarious! 🙂 For a moment, I thought the photos were serious! 🙂