the first cut is the deepest

a ha.. and so to the first playlist of the new show.. the thursday show. which still is yet to be named, but don’t worry your pretty heads about it, cos we are on it. like wallace and gromit.

aye, it sure was a grand show, and you can hear it here. here here! oh what fun! there was a beer review, and people phoned in, but we couldn’t really get them on air.. alas. also, we used the brand new mixer which is gracing the studio.. it really is great! you can do all sorts of cool and exciting effects and stuff with it.. look with your eyes:

the brand new fleet mixer! aint it purty?

anyways enough! here is the playlist. check back later, cos i’m a gonna add some links so youse can nab some sharp tunes!

  • youths are so cold richie spice
  • 6 minutes slick rick dougie fresh
  • hot in herre jenny owen youngs
  • stronger kanye west & daft punk
  • new jack hustler ice motherfuckin t
  • classic dj premier, rakim, kanye west, nas, KRS ONE
  • rappers delight erick sermon, kieth murray, redman
  • cold steel phat kat
  • welcome to the terrordome pharoahe monch
  • disrupt freestyle mareko
  • house party unique
  • come through – BC & child
  • are u that somebody the gossip
  • comedy skit – mitch hedberg
  • you’re losing me ann sexton
  • superdance jackie lee
  • those conga drums jonathon richman
  • if i ever feel better phoenix
  • funky people the hungry eyes
  • lovers ghetto – angie stone
  • fiesta telmary
  • when i come back around (freeform rmx) jamie lidell
  • I can’t wait – nu shooz
  • pinball number count the pointer sisters
  • You Belong to me – Michael Mcdonald feat. the Doobie brothers
  • cheatin’ little brother
  • ooh child the five stairsteps
  • don’t bits n bobs



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7 responses to “the first cut is the deepest

  1. i dont rememeber much of this show.

  2. you were drunk! on loopy juice and crazy pills.. what would motar say?!

  3. Jarrod!

    We forgots a song!

    Before “cheatin’ by Liitle Brovva

    it was

    “You Belong to me” by Michael Mcdonald feat. the Doobie brothers!!!!!!!

    We can’t lose the smooth!!!!

  4. Jarrod!

    Dayng most of the Hip-hop hour is missing!!!

  5. lawks.. what will the neighbours say?! quick.. draw the curtains!

  6. motar would say mittins !