Fleet Rave !



Time has come for another Fleet Party !

fleet rave !

Last Fleet party, Convoy 5, Mittins & Shenanigans had so much fun they later agreed it was one of the best times of their lives.

They served drunks at the bar, talked to strangers, and found a lot of treasure which they later sold to Motar for some wholemeal flour. Which they then used to make several pancakes. Which they then sold to a restaurant in Ponsonby.


tmc at convoy 5

Mittins & Shenanigans at Convoy 5

This party, we cannot be on the bar – because it is BYO ! Oh Rad. Bring your cask wine.

Mittins is going to bring her bling bling vodka.

bling bling all in yo face

I will share it.

The schedule are below, and events is kicking off at 10pm. Lats time Mittins and Shenansy didnt get home till morning ! Oh DAAAAAAAMN. Thats real.

main area

4.00 Anti Kati

3.15 Goodbye Galaxy

2.30 Crunk Dunc

1.45 T Bones

1.00 Han Baby

12.15 DJ Tisco Palls

11.30 Pocket Money

10.45 Hooch

10.00 Frosty Boy


small area


4.00 Ernie Pinches

3.00 Dancin Stevie Kay

2.00 DJ 8-Bit

1.00 Serge Andisteroy

12.00 Time Sniffer

11.00 Club Casualties

10.00 Rohan Sinclair



ps make sure you bring your water bottels



go to fleet fm for more details



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6 responses to “Fleet Rave !

  1. Pip

    BOTS is there. Ready to meet up?

  2. Damn that is some blingy vodka. I love it.

  3. I don’t do vodka (much), but I wanna hold that bottle all night long.

  4. will somebady give me a ride home at the end.

  5. Jarrod!

    I will Mitts!
    As long as the Ekkys, Amyl and Vicks have worn off!

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