Shut up I should have posted this when it came out. I’m not a big Kanye fan, but everyone else on this track is the rulz. And yeah, Mr West is alright, whatever.

Classic – DJ Premier, Rakim, Kanye West, Nas, & KRS-One

The music video is proper good too.

***nice post mittins.. chu mind if i’m a jump in and declare to TMC readers only, this track can be downloaded here***



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3 responses to “Classic

  1. i’ve always loved yer man premier.. he is old skool like football (with jumpers for goal posts).
    but is it true that this tune was brought about by the big wigs at nike, to celebrate their airforce 1 super sneakers?
    please say non non non..

  2. it is true but who cares ! apart from you of course, you old rugby sock that fell down a well.

    i’m more offended by kanye west being amongst these all-time greats :/

  3. Cool vid, that mixer that Preme is cutting on is way oooold