Alt TV Want A Good Presenter.

tv is my bestie

A presenter at Alt TV is leaving her show and anyone can audition live on TV to replace her. Yes anyone ! That means your mum !

Alt TV is besties with Fleet FM, which is where The Magic Cauldron lives. Infact you can watch Fleet FM on Alt TV every weekday from 7-9am ! I’m still asleep during those hours. I have good dreams and can control my subconscious.

Alt TV has the best selection of music videos. It now needs some gooder presenters. I am not allowed to audition, Motar said. But you should. It will be rad. If nothing else it will look good on your college resume.

The auditions start at lunchtime on Saturday 21 July and will run every Saturday and Sunday until August 12.The place to audition is 171 K Road, next to Verona Cafe where there is always good cake and hot drinks.

People who watch Alt TV will vote for their favour-tits presenter and go towards choosing the bestie.

For more information go here

Word to your Mum ,

Mitties x



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6 responses to “Alt TV Want A Good Presenter.

  1. what do you think about taking the magic of the cauldron to the telly, mittins, old pal, we could think of a cunning ruse to get past motar? please!! i’m super keen!

  2. ha ha are you serioius !

  3. i am! deathly.. we could do it in fancy dress (copyright!)!

  4. i will have to start saving up for my costume. oh allso can we take dance lessons and stuff.

  5. Pip

    Noooo. Remember the mystery….it will ruin it!