no shame in no name

hey dj

Even though we have yet to name the show, tonight sees/hears the inaugural TMC spin-off show, on Fleet FM, 7 – 9pm. Tonight! It will be a whole new direction for TMC, as we’ll no doubt indulge in a bit of booze. Rumours are abounding that we will have some special guests phoning in, namely those stalwarts of style, the BOTS administrators! Needless to say, Mittins and I are suitably terrified & thrilled in varying degrees at the prospect of this equally momentous occasion..


So tune in.. it promises to be a wonderful night of all the good tunes you have ever needed to listen to, and of course our witty repartee. Maybe. And we take requests! Just post one in the comments below.. as always, we will post a playlist with a link to a facsimile of the show, so if you miss it (for which you’d better have a good reason..), you can listen to it! Or if you loved it so much, you can listen to it again and again and again…

Ps. If you have an idea for a name for the show, please post it!





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13 responses to “no shame in no name

  1. Pip

    TMC’s Night Brew!

  2. Pip

    or Evening Ta-da
    or ‘Our night show has no name’
    or TMC’s square peg show

  3. how about everybody sucks ?

  4. Pip

    uh oh. having a bad day, mittins?

  5. how about Run TMC ?

  6. hmm.. that’s got a ring to it.. it’ll be put on the list..
    not sure about everybody sucks, tho.. seems a little aggressive.. the night brew has legs too..
    the TMC board will convene and inform you of the deliberations..

  7. Jarrod!

    the JARROD SHOW sound awes’ to meeeeeee

  8. Jarrod!

    t’was a fine show

  9. it was a very fine show! links up sharpish!!

  10. Jarrod!

    Where them links!
    We have requesties from besties who missed it

  11. i have new idea for a name. lets align ourselves with a massive corporation! we could call it westpac thursdays. then westpac will have to pay us lots of money.