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Alt TV Want A Good Presenter.

tv is my bestie

A presenter at Alt TV is leaving her show and anyone can audition live on TV to replace her. Yes anyone ! That means your mum !

Alt TV is besties with Fleet FM, which is where The Magic Cauldron lives. Infact you can watch Fleet FM on Alt TV every weekday from 7-9am ! I’m still asleep during those hours. I have good dreams and can control my subconscious.

Alt TV has the best selection of music videos. It now needs some gooder presenters. I am not allowed to audition, Motar said. But you should. It will be rad. If nothing else it will look good on your college resume.

The auditions start at lunchtime on Saturday 21 July and will run every Saturday and Sunday until August 12.The place to audition is 171 K Road, next to Verona Cafe where there is always good cake and hot drinks.

People who watch Alt TV will vote for their favour-tits presenter and go towards choosing the bestie.

For more information go here

Word to your Mum ,

Mitties x



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no shame in no name

hey dj

Even though we have yet to name the show, tonight sees/hears the inaugural TMC spin-off show, on Fleet FM, 7 – 9pm. Tonight! It will be a whole new direction for TMC, as we’ll no doubt indulge in a bit of booze. Rumours are abounding that we will have some special guests phoning in, namely those stalwarts of style, the BOTS administrators! Needless to say, Mittins and I are suitably terrified & thrilled in varying degrees at the prospect of this equally momentous occasion..


So tune in.. it promises to be a wonderful night of all the good tunes you have ever needed to listen to, and of course our witty repartee. Maybe. And we take requests! Just post one in the comments below.. as always, we will post a playlist with a link to a facsimile of the show, so if you miss it (for which you’d better have a good reason..), you can listen to it! Or if you loved it so much, you can listen to it again and again and again…

Ps. If you have an idea for a name for the show, please post it!




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Kodak Music Clip Awards


Kodak Music Clip Awards this Saturday

The annual Kodak Music Clip Awards are on this Saturday down in Wellington, a city where it is best to walk instead of driving even though it is very windy.

The competition is for New Zealand music videos only which is rad especially because the budgets in this country are so low, and getting even lower as the music industry shifts itself into a fetal position and starts rocking back and forth.

This years finalists include :

Miracle Sun – Don McGlashan

Special Surprise – Luke Buda (see our vodpod down and to the right to see !)

Nervous Wreck – 48 May

Turn It Up – Open Souls

What Happened To Yesterday? – Fast Crew

Turkey Shoot – Subtract

Feel It Like It – The D4

Electric Dream – Shapeshifter

For All Of Us – OMC

Let Me Count The Ways – Paul McLaney

Waiting For Your Time To Come – The Datsuns

The Answer – The Black Seeds

Heaven – Mark De Clive-Lowe

Expectations – Cut Off Your Hands

Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! – The Mint Chicks

Crime Fighters – Coco Solid (beat is by TMC friend DJ Jizmatron! ! ! ! !)

Stay – Blindspott

Karma Killer – The Sagittarian

Ugly – Recliner

S.O.S – ElemenoP

Own Way Home – Steriogram

Honey Don’t Go – David Yetton

Beautiful Haze – SJD

If you aren’t like me and can go on the internet at work i suggest you watch these videos all day and tell us your best one in the comments box !

This event will be the epilogue to three days of the Fringe Film Festival. If you have never been to a Fringe Film Festival screening, you are missing out, and you have missed out again, dumb. But go next year, because all the directors of the short films have to attend and answer questions after their screening, so you can ask them all kind of stupid questions or if their film was rad you can be nice to them or whatever.

Anyways if you are in Welly go and see the awards !

San Francisco Bathhouse, Saturday 14th July from 8pm until late.


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Shut up I should have posted this when it came out. I’m not a big Kanye fan, but everyone else on this track is the rulz. And yeah, Mr West is alright, whatever.

Classic – DJ Premier, Rakim, Kanye West, Nas, & KRS-One

The music video is proper good too.

***nice post mittins.. chu mind if i’m a jump in and declare to TMC readers only, this track can be downloaded here***


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