New Mint Chicks Video !

I like the Mint Chicks. Who directed this ? Sam Peacocke that’s who ! See his link in the comments to watch the high quality version.

Walking Off A Cliff Again.



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6 responses to “New Mint Chicks Video !

  1. Pip

    The grandma neck shot at 1:36 is JUST like my grandma’s neck!! What a coincidence.

  2. Sam

    Hi there, i was the luck fellow who got to direct this clip and and humbly appreciative that you guys like it 🙂

    I would love it if you could put a link to this high quality version on your post too…..

    I am trying to whip up a storm for the guys before they go to the states!


    Best Regards,


  3. rad i will sam ! i also liked your other mint chicks one. you are a goody.

  4. the finger at 1:34 is just like the one i give to my cousin !

    also, he is not the only one i give it to.

  5. cool vid, i’ve been there! but my counter thing went backwards, so I can’t point out body parts at certain times. bummer.

    mint chicks are mint, ive seen them with meat-bix.