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elephants on parade

elephant toy

roll up roll up roll up.. come inside the big top that is the magic cauldron, only on your very own fleet fm, 88.3! and all for free, dontchaknow…

well, what a wonderful show we had ourselves today.. there were freaks, elephants and a giraffe. also, we had guests, conversations and various other chit-chatings, a new chapter of ‘galoff & the three daughters’ and more new music than is socially acceptable. below is the list of played musics.. also, you may notice several blued and undelined words. these are links for sure.. if you are cunning, you may find a way to download those tunes.. and if you are wanting to listen to the show again, you can, sort of, by clicking here.. (i don’t know what happened to the recording, but it starts at ‘humans are dead‘ by FoTC, and then there’s a bit of cat’s show (the one after us), and then it skips to us chatting, and then next tune is ‘babuji babuji kya loge‘ by dilraj.. so you can’t hear the first 6 beauties. curious. very curious indeed..)

all elephants are clockwork

  • on parade – the goldman band
  • en melody – serge gainsbourg
  • valerie – amy winehouse
  • welcome to the terrordome – pharoahe monch
  • notorius – turbulance
  • wanna be – dizzee rascal feat. Lily allen
  • babuji babuji kya loge – dilraj
  • panic at the disco/party like a rockstar mash up – t bones
  • icky thump (hostage mix) – the white stripes
  • you can call me al – hot club de paris
  • oops, i did it again – richard thompson
  • whodat – black sheep
  • storytime! – galoff & the three daughters part 5!
  • the monkey that became presdent – the brotherhood
  • sha-la-la (make me happy) – al green
  • i’ve got the blues – labi saffir
  • the humans are deadthe flight of the conchords
  • hurracains – au revoir simone
  • fat children – jarvis cocker
  • goin’ for a ride – sesame street

elephant quiz

that is all i have for you, blessed friends..



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