‘new’ filums not to look 4ward to..

sequels 4

What is it with all these multi-sequels that have been creeping back into the cinemas recently? i’m thinking Shrek 3, Saw III, Spiderman 3, er, i’m sure there’s more, but i can’t think of them right now..Oh, here we go: Oceans 13, Rush Hour 3, The Yawn Ultimatum..


Foolishly i went to see Pirates of The Caribbean 3 the other week. as well being needlessly lengthy (i went in on a wednesday, left early the following sunday. i blame PJ and his LOTR for the recent fetish of uber-long movies), it’s fairly rubbish too.

VHS recorder

at the risk of outing myself (doff’s cap to LOLlita) as someone who remembers top-loading VHS recorders, i seem to recall the 80’s were all about the sequel, the sequel’s sequel, and the sequel’s seaquel’s sequel. ad nauseum. i cite these following as examples:

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Halloween
  • Rocky
  • Rambo
  • Death Wish
  • Back to The Future
  • those filums with Jason, that guy in the hockey mask.. oh yeah, Friday the 13th
  • Hellraiser


erm. that is all i can think of right now, and i can’t be arsed reseaching how many seeks (eh? eh?) of each example were made, but i trust you get my point. (and please add more in the comments!)


so here is a list of films that will be gracing our screens in the nearish future, all unnecessaryly sequels squared, methinks:

  • Die Hard 4.0
  • Terminator 4
  • Saw IV
  • Indiana Jones 4
  • Jurassic Park IV
  • X-Men 4

enough, then. i find it hard to specify what it is that irritates me so much about the sequel’s sequel’s sequel, the quad-riquel, if you will. Maybe because it demonstrates the lazyness/apathy/avarice of the studio suits that make such films, mainly in the boardroom. not to mention the talent they must have to overlook to plunge the mega-units of US $$ into such projects. could it be that that money could be used to pay off my credit card? could it be that a film-maker’s original vision is vastly watered down/shaped by feedback/reviews/tech advancements etc etc in subsequent sequels, even if it is the same director? pah, what do i know? i’m not even in the demographic anymore…

saying all that tho, i probably will watch the new indiana jones movie…



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10 responses to “‘new’ filums not to look 4ward to..

  1. i do not want to watch these sequels. i will not contribute to their opening weekends !

    the sequel is what is wrong with this world. and i would also like to hate on the remake. the sequel and the remake is the sealant on creativity in cinema. it shows what lazy idiots are running the industry. the fewer risks any of these boiled cabbages have to make the better, in their minds. i would like to strike them down with my giant pencil and then erase them from their corporate offices with the pencils eraser, which will be handily located on the end of the pencil. and new zealand should be making creative television and cinema but they are the worst perpetrators of this crime. especially tvnz. an original idea to them would be like running down queen street naked. they are frightened as hell and don’t realize it would actually be very entertaining and probably the most liberating experience of their lives. i bet these decision makers even lock the bathroom door behind them when they are home alone.

    this world is getting watered down and i am sick and tired of it ! we are in need of a revolution ! shenanigans lets do something about it !

    but not tonight because pops ultimate star is on.

  2. bellajournal

    Mittins, I own most of those movie collections. Die Hard (love Bruce Willis), Rocky (am a big fan of Sly), Back to the Future – one of my all time favorites, Rambo (again, Sly- so freak’n hot), and the Indiana Jones collection is a must. I’m fess’n up here. *But there have been some sequels that were just ALL wrong, such as “Son of the Mask” which followed “The Mask” staring Jim Carrey (hilarious!), you cannot make a freaking sequel without the original character/actor! This is further proven by Blues Bros. 2000 and Dumb and Dumberer (again, minus Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels), this was THE WORST movie I have ever seen. I guess I’m loyal to movies that I really truly loved, then when they use the same actors (for the most part) to put out a sequel(s), I am drawn to it and usually cherish it. But, that’s just me….

  3. How truth. Actor-swapping is a crime and should be very very, very, illegal.

    I do have some sequels that I like. Sequels that are goodys, and should not be punished. It is just the heavy reliance on sequels and remakes these days that makes me so cross ! Whatever happened to quitting while you were ahead ?

    So I say this, that some sequels are good, and most sequels are bad.

  4. Godfather III kinda rocked though eh?

  5. What about the Die Hard movie? I’ve heard only good about it, which surprises me. What are you thoughts there?

  6. i haven’t seen any die hard movies. should i start from the beginning? i do like a bit of moonlighting..

  7. hmm.. a few good points there peeps. here are my considered responses

    mittins: good on you sticking to your guns, don’t fall for the marketing bollocks! p’raps i should have thought, ‘what would mittins do’, when i handed over the big bucks for PoTC3..
    i wanted to vent about remakes too, but i had to go to work (we’re developing a ‘melody rules’ spin-off series)

    bellajournal: i don’t mean to be rude (which clearly means i’m going to be just that…), but “Sly- so freak’n hot”..? are you sure? that is all.

    lita: Godfather III = a classic. an exception to the rule? i do feel a little bit stumped there, but is it as good as the first? well?! is it!? *shouting*

    abarclay12: Die Hard 4.0? hmm.. i’ve yet to be convinced to squander another $15 of my hard stolen monies on this movie, despite the almost desperate appeal to the geek in me by giving it a techy, futuristic ‘4.0’ in the title..
    further, i’m also put off by
    a) the fact it’s another eggsample of a sequel squared, and i don’t want to have to eat my own words. again.
    B) it’s been ages since the last DH. will it work? and wasn’t DH3 a bit rubbish, really?
    3) and what’s with the whole (a-ha) point zero thing, anyway? i seem to remember a maths teacher telling me to only use a decimal place if you really, really need to. like 3.14.. if you don’t need one, then don’t use one, that’s the golden rule. apparently they don’t grow on trees..
    IV) saying all that, i bet i will watch it at some point. i am curious. and i like your one, B-Dubs too. he’s a good egg.

  8. i thought godfather part II was the goody.

  9. hmm… if i had a small, pointy beard i’d be stoking it in thought right about now. and if i had glasses, maybe i’d remove them, and give them a clean with a little lint-free cloth. and say, hmm..

  10. you should be the librarian on buffy. he always knew what to do !