TMC Poem by Loula

The Magic Cauldron salutes Loula for sending us this glorious piece of poetry. I was so touched I had to go to the doctor !


Oh, what a sunny day
When they carried the radio home
Bringing him in off the truck
And the dogs wouldn’t leave us alone
Magic Cauldron, you come down here to keep us company

We listen in a room
Through the miles and miles of night
Deep in the heart of the Bible belt
In the golden radio light
Magic Cauldron, you come down here to keep us company

And it’s hard days out in the field
The listeners in the high tree top
If a man’s away from his home all day
His chickens might fall to the fox
Magic Cauldron, what can you do about that? (make them laugh! yay)
Uh huh

And you can take me down to a river town
Where the listeners dance till dawn
They dance so close it’s a sin almost (but brilliant) The way they carry on
Magic Cauldron, I hoped and dreamed you could

BUT You DID come down here to keep us company ooooh yes you did and you were great xxxx


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