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Search of the Weak


six pack face

a bit of both

search : “people with curse that make them look ug”

this was very difficult.

tmc ultimately felt the searcher is best to go here and keep looking.

if anyone else has a suggestion where the searcher can find ‘people with curse that make them look ug’ please help.


search : “face muscles”

the gun show

Below are some exercises for your face. You will impress the ladies with these !

Place your index fingers just above your eyes :O pull down while trying to raise your eyebrows – repeat 10 times. you must wear underwear while performing this exercise.

Eyes and Crows Feet
Try raising your lower eyelids without moving your upper ones – repeat 10 times. if it helps then imagine that you are very evil and naughty, or renee zellweger.

Push your lips out and make a round shape, stretching forward, now smile as wide as possible – hold for a second and resume the round shape – repeat 10 times. this exercise only works on the bus.

1) Suck on your finger as hard as possible and then slowly remove it – repeat 10 times. try it in the sauna. ha ha ha ha.

2) hide your teeth with your lips and then make a small ‘O’ shape, keeping the lips as tense as possible smile as wide as possible. try this one at the rest home !

these exersises will put you well on your way to wearing all the small hats in the shop.

face by numbers

this concludes this weeks helpful solutions to the magic cauldrons most pertculiar search terms.

you are welcome,

mitties, on behalf of the magic cauldron security and public service desk.


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