robots a go-go


welcome you humans and robots, you listeners and readers, why sure, one and all… despite the noticable lack of a mitton up in the mighty fleet towers this day, TMC took to the airwaves with all nunchuckas a-spinning. good friend and automaton enthusiast j-rod dubs was there too, fully tooled up, and with your one shenansies, managed to stoke up a good old cauldron. oh yes. these are hard, unforgiving times in this brisk and bitter winter, but with pockets a-brimming with music and song, the cauldron was magical and plenty of fun. you can listen to it too, if you just click on this here link

Oh yeah foxy brown

here i come barrington levy

inspection (check one) – leftfield

funny money talib kwali & madlib

dangerous (DJ Dainjah Remix) busta rhymes

meantime the futureheads (one word please!)

the bucket kings of leon

miss kane donald byrd

what i am edie brickell

emily says -fatcat & fishface

what do you want the blue jays

no no blues curley weaver

valley of the shadows origin unknown

jingle jangle hieroglphics

ressurection common (yes! I know i played this a few weeks ago, but it’s a corker, all right?!)

sparkdala madlib & quasimmoto

after the laughter comes tears wendy rene

further deeper oi va voi

make your mind up souls of mischief

eye of a tranny’s fanny cassette boy

water-lily sam flanagan (whatta great name!)

the only one i know the charlatans

once again girl talk

earth shapeshifter

str8 outta san hose dirt bacharach

i hate your little red book kellis vs love mash up, innit..





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15 responses to “robots a go-go

  1. i wonder who that mystery caller was that bit was exciting.

  2. alas, i don’t think we’ll ever find out..
    sigh, she sounded dreamy..

  3. And whats with the BOTS hating?! I’m lurving your weirdo ways … the kittens in the sack thing to weigh the brick down was genius. Sigh, my flirting is always misunderstood.

    The mystery guest particularly tickled me.

  4. would you like me to marrage you and shenanigans?

    i can. im allowed.

  5. lets go slowly here, you need to introduce a few of my loo rolls to each other first and then we can talk big dresses and ugly flower combos.

    and tell the boy with the cute accent to stop threatening to stop visiting me.

  6. oh lawks! i forgot all about how i said such things! i was going to write a refute and say how we thought you were all about hating on us etc, being mean and cyber-cynical and stuff, so we were all like, yeah, well, we’re tough as nails too. check it..etc.. gosh, don’t i now feel the monkey’s arse..
    ps.. easy on the marridges n all! unless it’s with the lovely jo cottonsocks…

  7. Noone ever understands my cyber-cynical side. And stop feeling the monkey’s ass, the giraffe is getting jealous.

  8. Pip

    Hullo, haters. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
    We’ve only got luv for yous.

  9. oh bless you, lovely BOTS ladies, you sensitive wee flowers..
    we have nuttin’ but big loves for you guys too.. look, we even have a link to your pages and everything!
    your pal,

  10. how many listeners do you have? are you up for being interviewed on BOTS?

    We love Fleet’s convoy concept.

  11. that’s brilliant! i just had the idea of interviewing you guys.. either on-air next week or here on-line..
    is this a case of great minds thinking alike, or is it fools seldom differing?
    hmm, as to how many listeners we get, not sure.. millions, maybe? three? definately somewhere inbetween (i hope!)..

  12. Pip

    Offline, people, take it offline…