Last Night

Last night was bad. Two things happened that I had never hoped would happen let alone in one night.

1. Mukpuddy didn’t win the 48hour film competition grand final.

2. Lummis got kicked off Pops Ulatimate Star.

sad times

The night began with me wearing good clothes to the Winchester Pub in Newton to go and support my favourite team to win the 48 hours Mukpuddy. Their cartoon Camp Fear was the good stuff and I was crossing my fingers all night for them. A few comments about the Winchester :

1. They tables is old like the times I spent in a Boys Club Room.

2. They hot chips is the bomb and there is heaps of them.

3. They drinks is cheap.

4. It needs to be nicer inside for the nice ladies.

The times were good at pub. The other Auckland finalists Lens Flare were there also. They had a singing film. They hogged the pool table all night. I wanted to play but I was too littel. I am shy.

too shy

Everything was going well at pub until the time came that the grand winner was announced. We had seen all the other films on the big televison and we texted our favourites and now it was time of decison. Pub all over the countary went quiet. The winner would be announced live on televison with a call on the telephone. I didnt wet my pants but close. Everyone was quiet. Then a phone rang. But it was not Mukpuddys. It was Lens Flare. They was the grand winners.

1. Good on them for winning.

2. It was good film.

As we walked out of pub into the cold air I had these things to say.

1. It is cold but lucky I have my jacket.

2. Why didnt the best one win !

But it is only opinon.

ghost food

I got home and did some dishes. I knew I would go upstars and watch my pops ulaimate star on recorded hard drive. oh lovely. also i had a chocoalt bar. A few things about upstars :

1. my bedroom is there.

2. i can watch pops ulatime star in my bed eating chocoalte.

everything was going fine. here is a review of the singars ! as i remember it.

1. matt was the one who looks like he is crying. he sang a song. he sang old boring song. his clothes was horrable. poor matt. he looks like ludo when he frowns.

2. next is emily. she sing lily allen song. she had to sing cockney and wear the same clothes as lily allen. why?

3. then was david. he is no singar. he is a secret gypsy brought to bring down lummis.

4. then was ben. he is glory ! he looks like a little rubgy player and he looks a bit strange always. he is littel and like a baby.

5. i forgot, nick was first on the show. he sing bono. they make him wear sunglasses just like bono. i hat bono. also, nik is from the forest deep.

6. jo sing beautiful by christina aguilera. she was afraid she would cry because she used to be heavy. then i bet she thought, if i dont cry everybady will be disappointed. so she just cry at the end. everybady wins.

7. last is ben. oh i already said him. well he was last. he sing op shop song maybe. oh ben, you littel one ! i am hapoy.

the contestants and me

then it is time for bottom two. these ones will have to fight a battel involving emotions, loud noises and lots of different body shapes . everybady is nervous. the tall one announces it. but it is not david and david. it is not even forest boy! it is emily williams and ben lummis. this is my thoughts on the news:

1. no. no no no no no n no ! devastate !

i was devastate. these two are my favourite ! why why why ! as soon as they say it i knew that ben would have to lose.

he did.

even as i type about it now i want to cry. it is not fair. i see other ones that sould have died first.

ghost mouse

why my lummis!

the end.



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2 responses to “Last Night

  1. Jarrod!

    What a super but sad read
    here is a big hug for Mitties

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