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robots a go-go


welcome you humans and robots, you listeners and readers, why sure, one and all… despite the noticable lack of a mitton up in the mighty fleet towers this day, TMC took to the airwaves with all nunchuckas a-spinning. good friend and automaton enthusiast j-rod dubs was there too, fully tooled up, and with your one shenansies, managed to stoke up a good old cauldron. oh yes. these are hard, unforgiving times in this brisk and bitter winter, but with pockets a-brimming with music and song, the cauldron was magical and plenty of fun. you can listen to it too, if you just click on this here link

Oh yeah foxy brown

here i come barrington levy

inspection (check one) – leftfield

funny money talib kwali & madlib

dangerous (DJ Dainjah Remix) busta rhymes

meantime the futureheads (one word please!)

the bucket kings of leon

miss kane donald byrd

what i am edie brickell

emily says -fatcat & fishface

what do you want the blue jays

no no blues curley weaver

valley of the shadows origin unknown

jingle jangle hieroglphics

ressurection common (yes! I know i played this a few weeks ago, but it’s a corker, all right?!)

sparkdala madlib & quasimmoto

after the laughter comes tears wendy rene

further deeper oi va voi

make your mind up souls of mischief

eye of a tranny’s fanny cassette boy

water-lily sam flanagan (whatta great name!)

the only one i know the charlatans

once again girl talk

earth shapeshifter

str8 outta san hose dirt bacharach

i hate your little red book kellis vs love mash up, innit..





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Last Night

Last night was bad. Two things happened that I had never hoped would happen let alone in one night.

1. Mukpuddy didn’t win the 48hour film competition grand final.

2. Lummis got kicked off Pops Ulatimate Star.

sad times

The night began with me wearing good clothes to the Winchester Pub in Newton to go and support my favourite team to win the 48 hours Mukpuddy. Their cartoon Camp Fear was the good stuff and I was crossing my fingers all night for them. A few comments about the Winchester :

1. They tables is old like the times I spent in a Boys Club Room.

2. They hot chips is the bomb and there is heaps of them.

3. They drinks is cheap.

4. It needs to be nicer inside for the nice ladies.

The times were good at pub. The other Auckland finalists Lens Flare were there also. They had a singing film. They hogged the pool table all night. I wanted to play but I was too littel. I am shy.

too shy

Everything was going well at pub until the time came that the grand winner was announced. We had seen all the other films on the big televison and we texted our favourites and now it was time of decison. Pub all over the countary went quiet. The winner would be announced live on televison with a call on the telephone. I didnt wet my pants but close. Everyone was quiet. Then a phone rang. But it was not Mukpuddys. It was Lens Flare. They was the grand winners.

1. Good on them for winning.

2. It was good film.

As we walked out of pub into the cold air I had these things to say.

1. It is cold but lucky I have my jacket.

2. Why didnt the best one win !

But it is only opinon.

ghost food

I got home and did some dishes. I knew I would go upstars and watch my pops ulaimate star on recorded hard drive. oh lovely. also i had a chocoalt bar. A few things about upstars :

1. my bedroom is there.

2. i can watch pops ulatime star in my bed eating chocoalte.

everything was going fine. here is a review of the singars ! as i remember it.

1. matt was the one who looks like he is crying. he sang a song. he sang old boring song. his clothes was horrable. poor matt. he looks like ludo when he frowns.

2. next is emily. she sing lily allen song. she had to sing cockney and wear the same clothes as lily allen. why?

3. then was david. he is no singar. he is a secret gypsy brought to bring down lummis.

4. then was ben. he is glory ! he looks like a little rubgy player and he looks a bit strange always. he is littel and like a baby.

5. i forgot, nick was first on the show. he sing bono. they make him wear sunglasses just like bono. i hat bono. also, nik is from the forest deep.

6. jo sing beautiful by christina aguilera. she was afraid she would cry because she used to be heavy. then i bet she thought, if i dont cry everybady will be disappointed. so she just cry at the end. everybady wins.

7. last is ben. oh i already said him. well he was last. he sing op shop song maybe. oh ben, you littel one ! i am hapoy.

the contestants and me

then it is time for bottom two. these ones will have to fight a battel involving emotions, loud noises and lots of different body shapes . everybady is nervous. the tall one announces it. but it is not david and david. it is not even forest boy! it is emily williams and ben lummis. this is my thoughts on the news:

1. no. no no no no no n no ! devastate !

i was devastate. these two are my favourite ! why why why ! as soon as they say it i knew that ben would have to lose.

he did.

even as i type about it now i want to cry. it is not fair. i see other ones that sould have died first.

ghost mouse

why my lummis!

the end.


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eagle vs shark

eagle vs shark

Pinch punch, first of the month.. and no return. Yes, it’s July, which means it’s the very month that the Telecom 2007 New Zealand International Film Festivals, to give it it’s full title, kicks off in earnest, starting here in the merry old city of Dorkland (July 13 – 29), before donning big boots and tramping round the rest of these green and fertile islands untill the end of November, no less. Hurrahs all around then.

One filum that is eagerly awaited by your cauldron commentator, uber-nerd and trainspotting compu-dweeb, me aka shenanigans, is Eagle Vs Shark, the long awaited feature length debut from Oscar darling Taika Waititi (nominated for his highly acclaimed short Two Cars One Night).

two cars

two cars one night

Following down that glorius geek-chic path forged by that most singular example of the genre, the wee gem, Napolean Dynamite, Eagle vs Shark, to quote the film festival website, ‘is the tale of two socially awkward misfits and the strange ways they try to find love; through revenge on high-school bullies, burgers, and video games.’ Featuring the performances of Lauren Horsley and Jermain Clement (one half of comedic geniuses Flight of the Conchords, who are doing rather nicely themselves overseas, thank you very much..) and with music from The Phoenix Foundation, this movie promises to be splendid on every level. especially if the reviews are to be believed. Already this film has won 5 film awards and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance film Festival. Phew, and rounds of applause, indeed.

also recommended is a thorough checking out of the film’s official website, which is a delight in itself, with charming games, delicious downloads, lovely links and all sorts of other golden goodies to feast your eyes and ears on.

the film screens as part of the international film festival on the 25th and 26th of July, at 8.30 pm and 11am respectively at the Civic Theatre, before it’s general release at the end of August. so, who wants to come and watch it with me??

ok.. that’s me, but i’ll leave you with this a particularly choice quote:

Man on phone: D’you want to leave a message?
Jarrod: Tell him that justice is waiting for him.
Man on phone: OK Justin. Thank you. Bye bye. [hangs up]
Jarrod: No, justice. Justice.


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