Saturday Night by Mittins.

the below images are photos i intended to send with a letter to arnotts, after i found some chocolate buscuits missing from my buscuit packet. i suspected foul play may have occurred at one of their factories.

as you can see below, i found the missing half inside the packet and thus decided to forgo any formal complaint.

case closed,




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3 responses to “Saturday Night by Mittins.

  1. mitton, dear friend, once more you have proven yourself as a much better person that your pal shenanigans..
    i think with such small provocation i would have been hard pressed not to have fired off a stern letter to them fat-cat bastards at ‘arnotts’, accusing them of all sorts of dubious business behaviours and malodorous manufacturing techniques.. and then i probably would have followed this opening salvo with a series of increasingly menacing phone calls, demanding satisfaction..
    infact, as it is i’m finding it hard to control the bile that is building in my bladder, knowing what torment they put such a lovely lady as you thru.. the godless feckers..
    good on you lass. good on you..

  2. Definately complain!! They send you free stuff. Lita knows, cos Lita is queen of complaining. I get $9 vouchers from Krispa all the time, cos their chicken chips sometimes have more chicken than chips. Don’t stand, or sit, (or lick the choc from the packet) for it.