Xzibit Hate Rove

the southern hemisphere will fuck you up

Xzibit is now officially having some southern hemisphere drama, first sulking in the face of Jaquie Brown and now calling Rove a racist.

This news comes only days after John Stamos went all entertaining on the Australian people.

Is the southern hemisphere making people crazy ?


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3 responses to “Xzibit Hate Rove

  1. Oo, we’re blaming the hemisphere? I’m in!

  2. i think i’m going to side wih mr x on this one.. he looked proper pooped in the jaquie brown interview. i think he needed a cup of tea, not a big ass (cliche) humvee.. (that’s a rhyme. he could use that on his next single if he liked, i don’t think i’m going to..)
    and as for the rove comments; what a shocker.. i mean, an australian being accused of racism?! surely not.. why, they are such a friendly, accomodating group of people. infact i hear they have a special hotel for some of their favorite foreigners, out in that lovely hot aussie sun us poms lust after so much..


    so it appears to me at least, if a performer doesn’t leap thru the various hoops of the media circus they are set upon by those same dwellers of the moral highground.
    fair enough, they are promoting their product to us, the hoi polloi, and they want the media to be the vehicle to deliver said product, but how far should they tow the company line? what sort of world is being portrayed by the omnipotent media that insists upon the sanitised, martha stewart (pre-prison), version of events. a crappy, unrealistic one, in my humble..
    to badly quote robert fisk (also on campbell live), ‘if the world truly saw how horrific war really is, there would be war..’ or something like that.
    i relish these rare occasions when you see people as they really are; i.e. human. take that man (whoever the hell he is..) on that aussie tv show.. he spaketh the trueth. that lady is wearing a foul animal print jacket.. and he was saying about how ‘cos he didn’t sit up and beg like a good puppy, the newspaper journo slammed him in the paper, hence the wee wee-wee comment. more power!

    right, ’nuff said i think, this is bordering on the political.. and i’ve got to get back to work now, er, at the TV factory/death star..
    shenanigans. over and out. and clearly finished in TV!

  3. I actually thought Stamos (that man, from the aussie tv show) looked like good fun. And he was spot on about her jacket, and quite possibly the journo’s willy he proclaimed was teeny. I thought she handled him poorly, and should’ve stopped asking him to stay on for the next segment.

    I want a shot of that ‘jet-lag’ he was suffering.