Where The Wild Things Are !

wild things !


oh boy oh boy ! this seems to be the first picture from the new spike jonze film ‘where the wild things are’..




mittins favourite book


..based on the childrens book that was mittins favourite book.


bigger picture here


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8 responses to “Where The Wild Things Are !

  1. Oh, I had NO idea; this is one of the few books I remember having been read to me as a kid. How cool that I stumbled onto your blog 🙂

  2. This book rocked, but Charlotte’s Web was my fave as a kidling.

  3. was i really born in a barn? why am i the only person not to know of this alleged book?!
    questions will be asked when i next speak to mother..

  4. i hope she at least read you the hungry caterpillar.

  5. no, sniff sniff, not that i recall..
    will you read it to me?

  6. Jarrod!

    Yay as!!!!!