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Where The Wild Things Are !

wild things !


oh boy oh boy ! this seems to be the first picture from the new spike jonze film ‘where the wild things are’..




mittins favourite book


..based on the childrens book that was mittins favourite book.


bigger picture here


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Fanfic Corner : Flightplan

fanfic corner : flightplan

by mittins.

jodie foster was holding her daughter in the room with all the passengers. everyone was safe now, except for the baddy who got disintiegrated. from across the room the captain of the plane saw her and sighed. she had been telling the truts all along.

all of a sudden the captain viewed her with fresh eyes. the eyes of a weathered old man longing to finally come home. was that ‘home’ he saw in jodie fosters eyes? he was so tired. tired of travelling. tired of looking and not touching all the pretty hostesses !

jodie held her daughter and whispered mumblings in her ear like “tay inna win” and “chickapea”. suddenly a shadow fell across her. “she looks just like you.”

she knew that voice anywhere. the captain ! she searched his eyes. he understood. the only one who ever did? no. “theres a little of her father in there too.”

the father was the one who made babies with jodie foster. he understood her, once upon a time. but then he died. all of a sudden it seemed so long ago, a world away. could the captain bring her back? i mean, metaphorically speaking? she was so tired. and as she lost herself in his steely blue gaze, he reminded her of her father.

“jodie foster, im so sorry i didnt believe you on the plane, before”. he closed his eyes with regret. “i know” said jodie “you were mean to me! but only because you are a captain and that is your job” the captain opened his eyes and they were glassy of tears. “it is my job. but it isnt always easy. especially when i meet someone like you jodie. you are so special and your eyes are so blue like the sky i fly in”

jodie foster was so thumpy heart ! “your eyes are steely blue like the oceans you fly over” she immediately blushed. “i mean, they are alright”

had jodie foster been hurt before? the captain was determined to find out. “jodie foster, what im about to say may seem crazy, as crazy as i thought you were on the plane. but, just hear me out, okay?”

“when you were running down the aisle of the plane, and i saw you, the blood all rushed around my body! i was so mad at you, for running in the plane, and screaming. you turned my world upside down! no woman ever does that to me! i thought i hated you. but now i realise, it wasn’t hate, it was love. jodie foster, you are so pretty and a good actress. will you marrage me and have a baby?”

:O jodie foster did not know what to say. had the captain read her mind? she nearly wet her pants ! “yes captain yes tha answer is yes ! i love you !”

the captain and jodie foster kissed and kissed. and the captain took his captains hat and put it on jodie fosters head. “you are the captain of my heart jodie foster! wear this hat!”

then the little daughter wriggled. “daddy?” she said, still half asleep.

jodie looked down at her daughter, who she had been so afraid for. “yes, sweetheart. this is your new daddy, the captain.”  “hello, new daughter” said the captain.

the daughter looked up to the old man and jodie foster wearing his hat. she gasped.

“daddy !” she wrapped her arms around her new family and they all lived happily ever after.


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Army of Mitton

if i had a team of warriors it would be made of


1. mayim bialik



2. jenna von oy



3. tina yothers



4. jodie sweetin


(this one is the mastermind)

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