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Search of the Weak

Every so often, children of the internut will get lost on their way from a to b.

those determined to carve their own slice of information from this world, those attempting to make contact with other dr quinn medicine woman fan-fic writers, and those hoping for some pretty pictures to look at before Mum gets home, often end up right here, at the magic cauldron.

but it is not googles fault that we are so magnetising !

To make things fair, Shenanigans and myself will be listing the best search terms that inadvertently lead to our site. And make suggestions on where they should have gone instead.

This first installment begins with two search terms which captured the imagination of my imagination.

“I am so hungry I might even die”

eat up


Lack of Hunger Relief




“yiddish magical shows”


the magic mirror


Lakho, lakhee” she says. “Alacazoo.” Ah yes — from all the famous Yiddish magic shows! “Now I pull a rabbit from my own tuckus. Alacazoo!





any more suggestions?

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