Set of Greys Anatomy More Exciting Than Greys Anatomy

All type of shit has gone down since Isaiah Washington called co-star TR Knight a f****t on the set of Greys Anatomy.

Knight got hurt feelings, came out, and the sensitive side of the world rallied around until finally Washington got news he wouldn’t be coming back to the old whospital. Dude had gone to counselling, done some PSAs, and apologised to all type of minorities, but the ABC network was like ..nah.

This must have been a little humiliating

Now Isaiah Washington, who incidentally has a dimple right in the middle of his chin, is mad as hell !

So here is a brilliant interview which hints at some trouble in mind. Among other things, Isaiah claims TR Knight conspired to rid the tv show of its male leads, and over 18 months, orchestrated the events which have ended in Washingtons demise.


TR Knight, the gay one.

This is indeed a cunning plan, and it makes sense. If I were part of an ensemble cast, I’d start knocking them off as soon as possible.

But forreals, this is far deeper than gossip and fingernails. The interview is a fascinating read, and the comments that follow are an insight. To the people witnessing this, these aren’t just two dudes – Washington is a straight black man and Knight is a white gay man. The black community, and the gay community, and the black-gay community, all have their own judgements on the events, and it’s at once an education and a headache to read about. Just like school. You can sense the obligation these minority groups have to support their own, whether they are right or wrong.

Also – dude compares himself to Malcolm X and Paul Robeson. Ain’t no thing.

Also, blonde chick on Greys Anatomy Katherine Heigl cried during Borat ! and far prefers ‘The Notebook’.

Times is crazy.

Anyways, Washington says the truth shall set you free. He says he is going to clear his name and tell the press everything. I love it when people decide to tell everything. It’s going to get crazy and ugly and entertaining.

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  1. mittins

    i just heard bert newton, on my favourite show ‘berts family feud’ call one of the contestants a poof !