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in a frenzied attack of procrastination, i just squirmed my way thru Hostel II. to be blunt, it is a ghastly slice of sadistic cinema, anyway you chainsaw it up, and in no uncertain terms i feel quite ill. i don’t quite know what posessed me to d/l this movie, as i normally stay far, far away from such silly nonesense, but such is the nature of yer one shenanigans. anyway, i was hiding from this, the posting of a simple playlist from the show la mitt et moi conducted this very morn. unfortunately the fleetputer was fritzing up untill around the 10am mark, so we could only record our show from then. if you missed it, tsk tsk tsk indeed, and i think you should self-flagellate yourself by sitting thru ‘hostel II’. either that or you can listen to the last hour of joyful goodness and light banter here. also, this week, there ar some crafty links disguised as titles, thanks to the credited mp3 blogs, where you might be ble to d/l a tune or two.. but shh, right?!




  • Somebody come and play – the kids (off the sesame st LP)
  • puppet on a string – sandy shaw (nice one www.palmsout.blogspot.com)
  • web 2.0 – thunderous olympian
  • come back home – copperpot feat. KRS ONE
  • fo’eva blunted – nine
  • he hit me (it felt like a kiss) – the crystals
  • push it – salt n pepa
  • watermelon man – herbie hancock
  • can’t stand me now – the libertines
  • i dig you – boss hog
  • isis – yeah yeah yeahs (cheers to www.faronheit.blogspot.com)
  • this sentence will ruin/save your life – born ruffians
  • back for good – the wedding present
  • what’s the altitude – cut chemist feat.hymnal (hats off to www.fuelfriends.blogspot.com)
  • swastika eyes (david holmes mix) – primal scream (ta muchly www.thewhitenoiserevisited.co.uk)
  • temperature’s rising – mobb deep
  • jesus wants me for a sunbeam – the vaselines
  • white wedding – queens of the stone age (thanks www.therichgirlsareweeping.blogspot.com)
  • please don’t go girl – nkotb (poptopsy)
  • love love love – donny hathaway
  • untitled – p money & rodney p
  • clam, crab, cockle, cowrie – joanna newsom
  • here i come – the roots
  • tambourine – universal robot band
  • over the rainbow – wing



untill next time, then.. (be good to each other! it’s easy, just lay off the blow-torches, baby..)






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  1. mittins

    i like your bullet points !