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shhh…it’s a secret

you know, there’s nothing i like more than a good, old fashioned secret or a right crafty idea. apart from maybe a lovely cheese and tomato sandwitch, handcrafted by my dear old sausage mitton. anyway. i was going to add a new & exciting secret to our ‘secrets’ page, when i chanced upon something rather splendid, on-web. it’s this rather dee-lightful site www.postsecret.com, the brainchild of one mr frank waren, which combines both a fistfull of secrets and a cunning scheme.

it’s a simple idea, as most of the good ones prove to be, namely an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard! brilliant! apparently it started way back when (nov ’04) when warren printed 3,000 self-adressed postcards and distributed them to the public; strangers in the street, left in library books and stuffed into sock drawers across the nation (the US). About 100 made their way back to him, and he thought that would be that, but no! to this very day, he continues to recieve secrets on postcards, and has over one hundred bloody thousand of them!

secret book

as well as the regularly updated website (which it is claimed to attract 3 million (crikey!) visitors a month), Frank Warren has also produced three (gasp!) deliciously humerous and poigniantly tragic books, jam-packed with all the scintillating secrets he has amassed. As well as featuring in gallery instalations, a travelling art exhibition, and a music vid for the All American Rejects, ‘Dirty Little Secrets‘, Warren has even been featured on some televisual programmes, like Today, 20/20, and, er, Fox News. Probably cos he’s won so many Bloggy & Webby awards. No small surprise, then, that it’s ranked as the 3rd most popular blog on the ‘net by New York magazine.

To further the hat-doffing in Mr Warren’s general direction, it must be mentioned that profits earned by his project go to a suicide hotline. in 2006, FW posted a plea for support for this help-line on his website, and in just one week, more than $30, 000 was raised by the kindness of a mere 900 visitors. eh? gives you something to think about, doesn’t it..


It should perhaps be noted that as well as such charming disclosures as above, the content of some of the secrets shared highlight the more dubious nature of our fellow men and women. this no doubt has contributed to the huge success of the project. people love to know that there are those who are worse off than themselves.

as you may well know, we here at The Magic Cauldron love a good secret! just have a look at our secrets page, oh ye of little faith. and have done for ages! honest, we’re no bandwagon-jumpers.. but saying that, if you happen to have a sordid lil’ secret to tell, why not send it to us?! we might even put it in a book. or on a T-Shirt if it’s really juicy!






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