Mitties on Fleet Tonight

hot coat of arms !

Mittins will be filling in for old plum Richie on the Cher Bro Show tonight ! 7-9pm on Fleet FM.

Auckland 88.3

Welly 107.3

Internut Fleet Website

The Cher Bro Show is all New Zealand music. So that’s what Mittins will be playing.

EDITED TO ADD – the playlist !

Can’t Let You Down – Hollie Smith – from her debut album Long Player

Urban Maori – 4 Corners – from the album The Foundations

Crazy Yes Dumb No ! Remix – Mint Chicks feat. David Dallas – from Shot Then

Blue Skies – Die! Die! Die – from their Myspace page

My Friends – Motocade – Into the Fall EP

Lost Highway – The Hungry Eyes – from their Myspace page

2 Minute Noodles – Mareko

Just Roll – PNC – from his debut album Rookie Card

Sensation – Fan Club – Kiwi Classics Volume 5 !

I Want To Be Your Girlfriend – Bachelorette

8hr Crush – Frase+Bri

Sing – Wing – from her album Wing Sings the Carpenters

Flying Lizard (congo remix) – Grey Lynn Separatist Movement

Getaway – International Flannel

Come Back – Garageland

King Kong –Voom

Advice for Young Mothers To Be – The Veils from their album Nux Vomica

Elimination – Deceptikonz from their debut album Elimination !

Behold My Kool Style – Dam Native

Soft Rain – Bunny Walters – from The Very Best of Bunny Walters

The Enigma Pt. 1 – Con Psy a.k.a. David Dallas – from the Fuck Music Bootleg album

Mt. Maxxx – Goldenaxe!

And It Was Easy – Darcy Clay from his Ep Jesus I Was Evil

BBC Blues – Motocade Motocade

Spanish Goat Dancer – HLAH

Giving Up Is My New Morning Sun – Sam Flynn Scott

Midnight – Hammond Gamble

Also happy birthday to Andy who had his birthday today – the same day as his show ‘Beautiful Mess’ on Fleet 9-11pm !



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10 responses to “Mitties on Fleet Tonight

  1. i wish i were there to fleet it up with yer, mittonandon, old gal.. alas, i am at verk.. drat, drat and double drat..
    i hope ye have a blast dear pal!

  2. I have the the Fan Club album on wax!

  3. oh lordy ! i was thinking as i played it last night that i should become a rap phenomenon and spit my hot rhymes over the top of the sensation instrumental.

    i have a rhyme dictionary and everything.

  4. In fact the singer, I think her name was Aishah, is a family friend of my girlfriends fam. I know a few famous people too…

  5. I met Ardijah at Centre City in New Plymouth when I was about 5, I got my Time Makes The Wine casseste signed!!!

  6. mittins

    I met John Kirwan when I was about 9. He asked how to sign my name, and then he ignored my directions and spelled it wrong. I remember thinking “this is now worthless.”

  7. I sell mixtapes to Jonah Lomu

  8. mittins

    Well, did I mention I’ve seen Carly Bindings boob-side?

  9. Shit, you keep upping the stakes 😦

    About 5 years ago Fast Crew offered me the position of DJ, they were willing to drop their (at the time) current DJ for me, I declined.

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