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2060 and before !

News Alrert ! 

Isaac Newton drops science and predicts the end of the world.

In Otter News :

APRA silver scrolls are open for nominations. The Mint Chicks will win. Everybady love Mint Chick.

Dawnrad is back in business, at least the t-shirt business ! psh-clink !

Does this mean they will produce album #2 for Mareko? Also does this mean Aaradhna will start appearing on Shortland Street? 

There might be a new funny show to watch on Thursday but it is on pretty late for a school night !

Finally, I know many TMC readers are wondering, and no, we have not yet received word from Ellen Degeneres, adopted motar of The Magic Cauldron. There must have been a problem at the post office or something.

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