too cold !

the view from the fleet window 

mittins & shenanigans were very brave to get out of bed this morning and bring you the magic cauldron.  (you can listen to the whole show here)

it was too cold !


wake up – richard simmons
electric wire hustler flower – common
eddies go-go train – eddie g giles
gimme gimme octopus ! from the tv show.
una momento – fat cat and fishface

WEATHER REPORT ! by jarrod

when you were mine – cyndi lauper
you really didn’t mean it – carolyn franklin
the only one – dangermouse & jemini
ressurection – common (large professor mix)
marilu – telmary feat. los van van e interactive
take on me (demo) – aha
lost highway – the hungry eyes see their myspace
she’s crafty – beastie boys
angels wings – social distortion
cherry bomb – the runaways
precious memories – merle haggard
high on cruel – neko case
crazy? yes! dumb? no! (remix) – the mint chicks feat. david dallas you can download it at shot then
quit smoking – paul mckenna
the dark end of the street – gram parsons
supahero – aceyalone

special thanks to our studio guest brandise ! check out tmc next week we will be talking about different body parts.



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2 responses to “too cold !

  1. Thank you very much for playing the song and plugging our website, and also the chocolate muslie slice recipe. Delicious

  2. Wow, that chocorate musrie srice recipe rearry does sound dericious, not so sure about the raisins tho. Ka pai magic caurdron