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Wing, by Mittins

My dream came true when Wing agreed to this interview which took place via fax machine a few days ago.


by Mittins


photo courtesy www.wingmusic.co.nz

Mittins: When in your life did you first begin to really love singing?

Wing: “I liked singing since I was a little girl, but I had no chance to learn, as I took up public health as my first career. I had been working as a registered nurse and health visitor for more than ten years in Hong Kong before I immigrated to New Zealand.”

M: What made you decide to take your passion for singing further, and release your first album?

Wing: “I learn singing after I immigrated to New Zealand. After 5 years learning and performing in rest homes and hospitals I decided to move further to produce a cd of my own. I knew the patients and hospitals well. I got used to the groaning and moaning atmosphere there. I wanted to cheer them up. They do. They can enjoy my music.”

M: You have released a great number of albums and been on TV shows all around the world. What is the secret to your drive and success?

Wing: “I dont consider all those shows as my success. I still have plenty to learn and improve. I always want to sing better and sing more.”

M: Your current album Breathe is a very interesting mix of songs. Many of the songs you chose are more modern compared to your other albums. Is this a new direction for Wing?

Wing: “Yes. I like to try all different styles of music including both old and modern types.”

M: What do you think about modern music? Do you like New Zealand music?

Wing : “Honestly, I know very little music except vocal. I like New Zealand music. Its only no musician has introduced New Zealand music to me, and I dont know where to find it.”

M: What kind of album will be next for Wing?

Wing: “The new CD is under preparation. I hope to record the songs before August. I havent got a title yet. It will include Danny Boy, Feed the Birds, 9-5, Without You, One Voice, Seasons of Love, and One Whole New World.”

M: Are there any upcoming plans your fans should know about? 

Wing: “I’ll sing live more in the future. I’ll be singing and promoting my cds at Cafe Du Nord in San Fransisco on 21 August. And then I’ll move on to New York, including Universities in the North-East Coast of America. I’m hoping that lots of fans give me support when the time comes.”

M: Finally, what is your ultimate dream in singing? What would you most like to achieve?

Wing: “My dream will be singing a lead song for a big movie, and also to sing for a musical movie too, if the chance is given to me.
I like to make my music not only just for entertaining but as a tonic, strengthening when you are in the rain, wind and in pain. Just to give you good company throughout your whole life long. I would like to hear my music all over the world, every corner and everywhere.”

Wing plays at Cafe Du Nord (2170 Market Street, CA 94114, San Francisco, email keithk@cafedunord.com, ph 415-.861-5016) before moving on to New York to promote her music.

Be sure to check her website Wing Music for more information !

Mitties x


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