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A few innocent weeks ago, the young and versatile Shenanigans, of The Magic Cauldron, posted a review on the fast-food chain ‘Wendys’ and it’s drive-thru services on Dominion Road, in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Ever the researcher, Shenanigans happened to mention the chain pulling it’s advertisements from Ellen DeGeneres’ sit-com ‘Ellen’ once the lady in question came out, back in.. well, I don’t know when – Shenanigans is the researcher.


Since this review has been posted, we at The Magic Cauldron have seen our Blog Stats skyrocket ! And all is thanks to the glorious lady of the ladys, Ellen DeGeneres.

Every day here at The Magic Cauldron, we see the web-searches that lead to this site. Most all of them nowadays, are

ellen degeneres

A few days ago one was

ellen degeneres is gay?

yes, she is. 

i am pleased to learn of this grand popularity. After all, your devoted friend and confidant, Mittins, has been a fan since back in the day. I have read her funny books, watched her funny tv shows, and even tried very very hard to like her break-through hit Mr. Wrong.

i tried very hard to like this film

She really does look afraid in that poster. Nice teeth too.

I decided to do some research on what Ellen is up to lately. Well, she has a talk show called Ellen. Rosie O Donnell recently claimed that the bosses of Ellens show won’t let her talk about her being gay. Rosie is gay too.

We will see how many hits Rosie O’Donnell gets The Magic Cauldron.

The Magic Cauldron thanks Ellen DeGeneres !

thanks ellen


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One response to “TMC thanks Ellen

  1. here is a copy of the e-missive i sent to the ellen TV show, via

    i’m crossing my fingers that she get’s back to us!!

    dear ellen (and researchers)

    hello from new zealand (i don’t really live in saskatchewan, but i had to put something and i love the name).

    i would like to thank you for your help in increasing the traffic on our website a whole heap, albeit unwittingly. with my friend, mittins, i host a radio show here in NZ (a wonderful blend of brilliant music and stories and comedies and reviews, interviews and all that good stuff. it’s called ‘the magic cauldron’), and our website is our online arm. as well as playlists, there are competitions and poems and stuff. check it out.
    anyway, in one of my reviews i mentioned how the wendy’s restaurant chain dropped their sponsorship of the ‘ellen’ TV show (the sitcom) when you ‘came out’, and how this was pretty poor behaviour by them. well, it seems that the mention of your name in the blog has netted in loads of people who were googling your name! as nz is small, and our radio station, fleet fm (, is wee too and we are just one show,and it’s newish, we normally don’t get that many hits a day. with your name in the content, and a subsequent blog about this ellen phenomenon, our site has seen so much action we are now dizzy. so, thanks! we will have to send you a t-shirt (when we get round to making them!)..

    your chat show is quite popular over here in nz, and as it happens it is my job to prepare the tapes before they are broadcast on TV. i hope you mention us on your show! that would be brilliant.. i’d be at work, and you mention our site and the radio show (you can hear it online hint hint) .. imagine!

    righto then. that’s all from me. have a good day (i’m now going to post this message on our site)

    your pal


    p.s. it’d be great to interview ellen, either on-air, or via the internet.. we could send some questions!