from the arhcives – flightplan : a riewview

Foreword : Because we want our Magic Cauldron page to contain reviews, I walked to the cave of archives and found this old one on Flightplan. I was going to write a rewview on Black Sheep, the new film which premierers tonight. But I have to look after my Yaya and also there is such a thing as too much red carptert. Your conidfidant, Mittins.


ze plane


me and snake eyes went to the movie flightplane tonight with jodie foster. in this movie jodie foster goes on a plane with her daughter and then she cant find her daughter ! ! ! 

jodie foster is an actress with acclaimed perfromrances in such films as nell and sommersby and little man tate !  she won an academay award when she acted.

this movie is got her in it in the main part. her daughter is also in it but she goes missing. there is a captain of the plaene and hostesses and passengers. the plane itself is big and steel and has a televsion on every seat.

during this movie i ate caramel popcorn and snake eyes had some. we also had a medium coke each and i didnt spill any on myself ! i was careful. because of ppast accidents.

flightplane was another acting notch on the beylt of jodie foster. she looked very frightened and someties she looked so angry at people like the captain. also one time she got clocked good and it must have hurt ! a lot of the time she ran down the aisle in slow motion and screamed. other time her eyes darted around she looked like a baby hedgehog trying to get out of a concrete ditch and being unable to !

the other people in the movie could not compete with jodie foster but they tried and tried and tried ! moslty they tried with their eyes. sometimes they tried so hard i had to point at them and say to snake eyes look at that one! and he would point out other ones who tried aswell. these people deserve a medal.

to summary my time at the movies, i have never felt so happy watching it ! i feel full of joy and laughter. i like little babies and i like joide foster.


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