young lady sings drunk in public. would someone please think of the children?

now then. have you seen this on the tube? a charmingly drunken amy winehouse (& cheeky charley church (who has her own show?!)) singinging, hic, ‘beat it’, by your one, MJ.

i like the winehouse. she sure has the funk.. and you know i just can’t muster the energy to give a toss about her well documented drunken antics, but it certianly does seem to sell papers in blighty. how very sweet of people to care! check out this tabloid bollocks from those bastards, apols, bastions of good taste at the daily yawn..
and if you like her drunk, you should listen to her nu rekkid, see.. here’s some rather tasty tunes from her new LP, Back to Black, couresy of the good people from can you see the sunset. and it seems every one is getting down to jive, what with all the remixes going on. i can heartily recommend the hot chip found there..

righto, i’m out… and i’m sure y’all down with her goodness, what with being so fresh n all, but i saw the vid and had to share.. i say bon nuit.

don’t be sad amy

there there, don’t be glum amy, it’ll be ok.


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  1. mittins

    hi shenansy. i know you love amy winehouse and probably want a marrage. but you are right, she is a goody when it comes to the music. and in a way her antics take me back to the days of the true soul divas who were often very naughty but got away with it because of their wondarful talent. as opposed to other peoeoeple nowadays, who do naughty things and dont have any genius to show for it afterwards.

    and of course you know mitton always loves a good cover, and this lady sure does some goodys.

    top work, shenansy.