PlayList 26 March 2007

This Week Shenanigans & Mittins played some of their favourite songs, embarrassing ones and all ! from their past.

4th chamber – the gza

public enemy numer 1 – P.E. in full effect !

breakbeat era – breakbeat era

pumpkin – tricky

live from the opium den (dust brothers remix) – justin warfield

what’s up, fatlip? – fatlip

little trouble girl – sonic youth

summertime rolls – janes addiction

unknown track! – the gutter snipes

baby i dont care – transvision vamp

storytime  – by loula

ike’s rap II – isaac hayes

shook ones pt II – mobb deep

breathe & stop – q-tip

debaser – the pixies

principals office – young mc

baby, did you hear? – dinah washington

little red rooster – sam cooke

live from the opium den (original version ! ) – justin warfield

it’s a shame – monie love

rock around the clock – the sex pistols

standing in the way of control – the gossip

get you rocks off – primal scream

cannonball – the breeders

everything is everything – lauren hill

and that was our show! we certainly had fun playing all our fave tunes from way back, and from not so waay back..


love and kisses from

mittins and shenaniganss…

see you next week!!



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2 responses to “PlayList 26 March 2007

  1. so, this is what our first playlist on the old dubpee looks like? what splendidness!
    just want to say what fun i had on our show today! and i listened to sharina’s (?!) show after and it was a nifty n all. everyone should listen to the fleet.
    we played some good tunes, too, if i may be so forthright. you know, i’ve been hummng that dinah washington number all day.. i reccomend hunting it..

    p.s. if you’re reading this and didn’t catch it, you can rest assured mittins was on form. and you wouldn’t believe what she said about you!

    arf arf

  2. mittins

    i had a good time too shenansy. i really liked that dinah washington song too. i feel about five years youngar after doing that show. it really toook me back to the days when i honestly believed i would never grow up !

    gad dammit.