Interview – Shenanigans Run

I found this in the old archives, an interviewe conducted between two confidants in the early magic cauldron era.

‘Shenanigans Run’ by Mittins, 20 March 2007.


shenanigans stands tall as mittins looks on from behind 


Mittins : Who is your favourite from Sesame Street?

Shenanigans : Oh… that’s a good question ! Because i like them all but I prefered the Muppets – Can i pick a Muppet? I didn’t like Big Bird.

Mittins : Who is your best Muppet then?

Shenanigans : Oh… I say I liked the scientists and the eagle type chap and Gonzo because he was crazy. Oh and I liked the two old duffers in the wings.

Mittins : Will you become a trained chef one day?

Shenanigans : I hope one day to get noticed by a great cooking institution. And they will offer me an apprenticeship which I will gladly accept. And then i will open my own cafe one day which will enable me to sit on my arse drinking coffee and reading books.

Mittins : (silent)

Shenanigans : You get straight to the crux don’t you.

Mittins : What is your favourite song to play when you are lonely?

Shenanigans : I have a very special record for such an occassion. And as I am a lonely person, I seem to play it alot. Infact it’s almost worn out. It’s called ‘You’re losing me’ by Anne Sexton.

Mittins : Do you put this song on and cry? Or clean dishes? Or dance?

Shenanigans : I do all three. I dance while I clean dishes with my own tears. Sniff sniff.

Mittins : Why are cacti appealing to you?

Shenanigans : Oh.. Um. I like the cactuses because they are vulnerable yet know how to protect themselves from marauding beasts, and old mother nature.

Mittins : Are you a cactus Shenanigans?

Shenanigans : I think I am and have only just realised with your delicately probing questions, much like a surgeons callipers.

Mittins : This ends our interview. Thank you for your time. We will let you know if you will be granted a further interview.


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