tradegy at the inorganic collection



old mac

on my way home from work yestarday, i took a detour from my house to drive further down the road. a good song was on the radio and it is a favourite thing to drive while listeaning to a good song. so drive i did.

once the song had finished i turned around to go back home. sneaking down a side street, i came across some of the inorganic collection which has been littering our city streets for the past week. look ! i said in my mind. a table ! i wondar if that would be a good table for mittins? i drove further. a matress ! i wondar if mittins could put old newspaper on it and sleep somewhere?

a bit further along.


could it be? an old, old, old, old apple macintosh SE ! hot coconut trees bark ! it just might have been 😮 i thought to my head.

but i kept driving. it probably wasn’t. mittins probably was seeing things. i reached my street.

wait ! just have another look !

okay mitton-head.

so i turned around and drove back down. another good song came on the radio. so it would be worth it anyhow.

i turned back into the side street and took to a very slow crawl along the side of the road.

yes ! there it was ! an old macintosh SE ! mittins has always wanted one of those ! a collectors item for sure. well, maybe one day !

and there ! over yonder, a park for mitton ! always being safety conscious and law abiding, i pulled into the park and prepared to step out and claim my treasure.

but all of a suddan a shadow was cast over mitton.

a large black suv loomed in my rear view mirror. and a strange feeling came over. it seeemed to be going very slowly along the street. crawling, just as mitton-car had done. and then, all of a sudden it came to a rest. right beside my long lost treasure.

a little boy jumped out of the big black car. he was wearing a primary blue brandless polo shirt, khaki shorts and had black curly hair and brown skin. he looked to be about 5 foot tall. and he walked right up to my macintosh, took it in his arms and carried it to the boot of his familys car.

my hand was still on the car door.

as i sat there, frozen, half in disbelief, half cursing the rotten luck of a mitton, i realised one thing.

i do too much aimless driving.


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  1. shenanigans

    oh no! what a tragic tale of loss and woe.. my heartfelt commiserations are with you, old mitton old cork..
    but chin up girl, maybe the wee lad will become bored with it though, and return it to whence it came..
    your pal